Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster


When you sleep when you do not want to sleep for fear of being bombed Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster So know that you are in occupied Gaza Sensitive content This photo may show violent or graphic content..   · Follow.   · Follow Yesterday at a restaurant a handsome young guy came towards me and asked Are you single?. Happy anniversary you two!! Thanks for all the censorship, gaslighting and deception you’ve rolled out the last couple of years. It’s really helped so many others see which side of things you fall on. Thank you for showing your cards .   · Follow.   · Follow.   · Follow Happy Anniversary, Mark!.   · Follow Double standards !! We are banned when we stand with Palestine against land rapists, against the ones who commits massacre and ethnic cleansing day and night! People please, read, educate yourself about the horrible things that is going on in Pale… See more. I remember once when my mom gave me money to pay the electricity bill but instead I bought a raffle ticket for a brand new car. When I got home, I explained to my mom what I did and she beat the crap out of me. But the next day, when my mom woke up an… See more

Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster

Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster A3

Why don’t you have your people answer support tickets. People from other countries, the situation in my country is serious, we are being killed and censored, the government orders the army and police to open fire on civilians and they are silencing the people before the world, we need your help!!!. Hey Mark, is that where you learned how to censor posts and restrict who could see them (shadow banning)? Before moving that capability to Facebook? By the way great communist control move, de-platforming President Trump. After all the free expression … See more. Mark plz stop limiting friends, tags, groups, invites. Like really!?! No other social site does that crap. Find another way to combat spamming without tying the hands of small businesses behind them…… How come you restrict people leaving comments about their own country and leaving the ones that are discriminating women!!!.. Here in Colombia we want the world to know that the government itself is killing us, we need our voice to be heard and for the international organizations in charge of safeguarding human rights to be present.#SOS #Colombia #ColombiaAlertaRoja #ParoNaci… See more Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster

Amanda gorman inaugural poet poster

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