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That is great. It will help a lot of people. What about some help for senior citizens?. This is not a good thing! It will effect your taxes at tax time !!. This morning when we woke up, it hit our account. As a working family, we spend almost an entire parent’s paycheck on childcare. We are so thankful for this relief!. Thus is so wonderful for struggling families no matter what side of the aisle BUT, remember not one Republican voted for it so I hope next time some vote they take time to research who is doing the most for them . I think it’s great that families are getting this but what about seniors. Cost of living is going up drastically!! They could use some relief as well.. No tax credit will seem fair to ALL people, but its coverage is for the masses and not the individual. Applaud the efforts of a POTUS who is in touch with the goodness of man! Alabama crimson tide tropical hawaiian shirt

Product description: Alabama crimson tide tropical hawaiian shirt

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When we say Africa is the cradle of humanity I would like so much to add “Cradle of intelligent humanity” this being said the blacks were due to many inventions and innovations in the world. J. Lewis is living proof without forgetting yourself, His Exc… See more. Like they fought for our rights, we should for our next generation’s . Brave and courageous men who never surrendered and gave this country hope and justice. A breath of life.. I’m in the middle of re-watching Eyes on the Prize. So many brave people.. The only reason anyone would not like this is because of racism.. John Lewis would be so sad to see the insurrection at the White House and the GOP trying their best to stop people from voting.. My American Flag pole broke a while ago. Did not want to replace it when stumpy was around the WH. Also once covid hit I could not afford to get a new one. But today I got a pole and new flag that is currently flying outside my home. A perfect day as i… See more Alabama crimson tide tropical hawaiian shirt

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