Star Wars characters Hawaiian Shirt


Star Wars characters Hawaiian Shirt

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Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt
Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt

Darrin Bell, the cartoonist in the back of the Chronicle’s every day Candorville strip, recently took a gamble — and lost, form of.

Some historical past: Bell’s strip points a journalist named Lemont Brown who occurs to be unapologetically dedicated to culture conflict and famous person Trek. Lemont frequently looks wearing shirts emblazoned with the famous person Trek emblem.

So, the information that William “Captain Kirk” Shatner turned into about to be boosted into space aboard a Jeff-Bezos-Dildo-Rocket proved irresistible. Most comics are created weeks before they in fact seem, however this week’s Candorville took a risk and opened with Lemont proclaiming (on Monday) that “Captain Kirk blasted into orbit!” The strip became well-nigh relevant—other than the indisputable fact that it changed into printed the day earlier than the genuine launch. Fortunately, like a good reporter, Lamont protected a couple of corrections: “no longer outer house. Greater like the fringe of house. And never in orbit. Extra like poking up there for a couple of minutes and falling again down. And not a ‘starship’ however a Blue foundation rocket with an oddly generic form.’

Ted Forth Faces an Existential crisis

comic strip characters share a uniquely contained environment—they exist interior a sequence of square packing containers (constantly restrained interior three “panels”). Whereas the theatre stage has a “fourth wall,” the two-dimensional comic world is trapped internal four walls. Once in a while, a cartoonist will problem this constricted development. Mark Tatulli’s Lio is commonly ordinary for “breaking the body.”

within the October 10, Sunday episode of the cartoon, Sally Forth, Sally and her husband Ted are seen at the breakfast table when, all at once, Ted notices a “tough vertical line” on his left and Sally spies an analogous line “on this facet.” Ted, beginning to consider trapped, sputters: “We have not simply always been here, have we?” To examine that statement, Sally stands as much as walk out of the frame, leaving Ted to wail: “Augh!!! Sally! The whole front of your physique! Or not it’s long past!” nevertheless trapped in his body, Ted is abruptly distracted with the aid of the note balloon drawn over his head and his panic turns to idle curiousity as he asks himself: “i’m wondering what type of font it truly is.”

Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt
Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt

In a recent each day Cal essay, Stanley Stott-hall made the following claim: “Free Speech flow Cafe’s namesake become, partly, brought on by using a residence Un-American actions Committee subpoena issued for a UC Berkeley scholar.”

not authentic, in response to the Berkeley vets who oversee the Free Speech circulation Archives.

As NYU Prof. Robby Cohen (writer of The Free Speech move: Reflections on Berkeley in the 1960s) notes: “yes, a Cal student was subpoenaed by way of HUAC in 1960, Douglas Wachter, a soph, who was a crimson diaper child and CORE activist. Another Cal student, Meisenbach, become falsely accused of assaulting a cop on the SF metropolis corridor protest…. Or route all this become four years earlier than the FSM.”

FSM-A president Jack Radey provides right here:”standard and direct—the anti-HUAC demonstrations have been an early signal of individuals, many from Cal, ready to defy authority. A UC student became indeed subpoenaed, but it surely had no direct impact on the groundwork of the Free Speech movement, which was in keeping with the UC Administration’s efforts to ban political speech on campus….

“The Free Speech stream’s origins had been attributed by means of different sick-suggested individuals as having been impressed through the foreign Communist Conspiracy (US President Clark Kerr), by means of unsuitable techniques of lavatory practising all the way through the Nineteen Fifties (B. Bettleheim), as a manufactured from youthful rebellion unrelated to any concerns (a variety of Sociology profs), to medication (latest however a extremely minor part of the lifestyle THAT yr) (Berkeley Gazette), to a scarcity of Jesus (some legitimate spokesperson of His), to the Vietnam war (barely begun) (with the aid of many recent writers), to the Black Panther birthday celebration (now not yet equipped) (ditto) and to rock and roll (some dumbass preacher)”

Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt
Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt

Steve Bannon is a free cannon but he definitely knows a way to launch a volley. Besides being a key Donald Trump strategist, Bannon has produced, written and directed 19 motion pictures (lots of them “conservative documentaries” attacking goals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton). Right here’s a hyperlink to an outline of Bannon’s work.

considered one of his narrative movies, “The Chaos scan” (from 2009), was a horror story a couple of mad scientist (Val Kilmer). And why is he mad? Because he believes global warming is real. When he is pushed aside through critics, he receives even madder and hotels to punishing six of his most fashionable detractors — by using slowly cooking them interior a room-sized oven. Right here’s a trailer for the movie. (notice: or not it’s dubbed in German, which makes it even creepier):

MECA’s break Invitation to celebrate Palestine

Mark your calendars: The 18th annual Palestinian holiday Crafts Bazaar is set to open on Sunday, October 24, from midday to 5. The free adventure will function “a distinct array of lovely gifts from Palestine” with earnings benefiting the toddlers of Palestine.

The adventure is being hosted with the aid of the core Ease little ones’s Alliance (MECA) at its 1101 Eight highway region in West Berkeley (near Gilman and San Pablo: entrance on Ninth street).

The crafts competition could be held outdoors (apart from within the case of a drought-ending rainstorm) and masks will be required. Break looking items (direct from Palestine) encompass: pottery, olive be aware items, shawls, scarves, toddlers’s toys, clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, cookbooks and, of path, lots of award-successful olive oil. For extra guidance, contact

Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt
Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt

Trump Loyalists are searching for Salvation with Sermons from Jesus of Kosovo

the following video from Thom Hartmann may also explain why White-Christian-always-Trumpers stay so devoted to the Holy Writ of Qanon. Files bought by means of MIT’s technology evaluation demonstrate that Trump’s dotty devotees are getting their sacred marching orders from a bunch of facebook troll farms discovered in Kosovo and Macedonia!

Yup. Based on leaked fb documents, 19 of the 20 correct on-line White evangelical pander-pulpits visited by way of US e-worshipers are home-based mostly in … jap Europe. These bogus bills are achieving seventy five million americans a month—thanks to facebook’s holy algoritmns—and are parading below faux-holy names like “Jesus Is My Lord,” “Be happy get pleasure from lifestyles,” “Smile and Shine,” “mild of the realm,” and “Why no longer Us?”

Thanks for that video go to Laurence of Berkeley, who forwarded the Hartmann hyperlink and writes: “I’ve regularly idea that ‘precise’ Christians may still picket the fundy church buildings with ‘radical’ signs that say, ‘Feed the hungry, Welcome the stranger, and Love your neighbor.’ All, of path, from the Gospels.”

Mork Calling Orson: Robin’s Been Reborn

if you have not viewed it yet, right here’s the audition clip that’s mesmerized millions of Robin Williams fans and looks to promise a movie miracle—the return of Robin Williams (in the personification of Jamie Costa) to the massive monitor.


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