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My life is in your hands today, just win I beg.. Manchester United over the years have made serious mistakes when it comes to transfer and buying. But the ultimate of all is marguire…. Buying a Phil Jones with a different face and even making him captain is the worst decision so far….. De gea … . Kamukama Scovia. Good luck Harry and the rest of the boys. I am looking for a wife. Tayghten Ann Davis. Gordon Lynch Wolf to my son your dad quilt Manchester United can reset their season tonight.To achieve this, Ole should demand leaders on the pitch.. Will not be paying £15 to watch it! It’s a joke.. Lessons of today. Am looking for a good solution today,,,any chemist around need some painkillers for emergency. Why traveling with Hary Maguire?. Gifted Hands Textile Merchants Our winning depends on the manager, his team selection and formation…… Maguire should be given a rest to regain his confidence, he has lost it…..

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prob is he be dropped and pogshit will be back. mata and bruno link up play yesterday was incredible. like to see ole get van de beek in that team aswell.. Never let him go. Either he becomes our first Director of Football or stays to become an assistant coach and later coach of the senior team.. Play him..he brings creativity..if you are not able to cut open defense of other team then more creative players need to be present on the pitch.. Chijioke Christian Okata Wolf to my son your dad quilt Whats wrong with clueless Ole? . Mata is incredible but sadly always in bench. Ahmed Areej. Blessings Chabod Mwila. Jackie Tay. you can & a very under rated player a good player who deserves more time on pitch instead of subs bench. And why isn’t he given enough game time by you guys?!. Min The-La Misham Feyi. Captain Juan mata give him the number 10 role.. Play van de beek and Paul ..in midfield.. Use Bruno as a free man..we will trophies

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What a different way of playing compared to todays football, speed of thinking, movement and team attack. No up, back and sideways. Once they had beaten a player he had no chance of getting back to thwart the attack. Great to watch.. Adrian Pantin. I just hope the team especially our forwards are watching these video.. Allan Sanyanga
These gentleman were proud to put on the badge and give 150% every time. Even when they lost we could see they had given their best, we were upset but could understand.. This is the all time best ever team and players who gave everything to the club with fighting spirits, no surrender, never give up, committed players, courage, winning spirit, skillful, powerful and most important is every single game is beautiful. Now… . Maung Maung Pyaezone. Fahmi Rela N. Steve Hensby
Plus a manager that goes on to the touch line shouting and screaming at the players to get them moving !! Not like ole who watches most of the match via his seat monitor

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Watching these goals will make you know for sure these set of players are ready yo give there everything for United not like the set of players we have now.. Efosa Ighile. The current players and strikers can only dream, like the fans, matches like this. Ole need to go as he is too weak to dropped under performing players like Pogba, De Gea, Maguire to name a few. Ole is soft and does not have the caliber to get the tea… . Agnes Fabiola Banda. Too much hype then Martial and Pogba will start the match and dissappoint again!. Mark Jefferies. The difference in class from then to now, is like going from a Ferrari to a Vee-Dub . wowpast glory again…again…fans are suffering with the worse current form ever witnesses, we had great players but still cannot performed at club level… Roman Daus. All this shows is weve not scored a goal at St James’ since Lukaku left. When we used to regularly bang 4 past them. Just shows how much the quality has dropped

feast your eyes indeed we wont be getting any like this tonight (probably none at all). It look like Paul Scholes scored more goals against Newcastle United than Wayne, Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy or Cole. the quality of these players and how they fit together was amazing and our trademark. Now it’s just buying…. Jay Daulphin
John o’shea showing more drinking skills than some of our front line….. The massive drop in quality of our team is so obvious for everyone to see.. Sigh.. most of them when the club is not owned by Clowns and Transfers were not managed by a useless puppet.. We used to play with so much flair and urgency. When can we see the current players up their game.. Back in the day when United had a team.. If Rooney was still at United at this age we would still get goals from him. Too much of everything is a problem these they don’t do there job but just demanful of being paid higher rates of money this is rubish now we need good records not like that know please improve and have the mentality of winning trophies we are behind y…

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