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Stephanie has amazing presence. Takes life just the way it is. Done dancing? Alright, on to the next thing. That is true success, letting life flow through you instead of resisting against its change. Where words fail music speaks Chella Kotowski Killian One of the most interesting & fascinating stories that I’ve seen on this page. Don’t want it to end! Would love to read a book about her life! I don’t want this story to end. She is such an amazing person.

Where words fail music speaks long sleeved

Where words fail music speaks shirt

Doing what she needed to do. Being who she needed to be. To get what she needed to get. Where words fail music speaks “Underneath all the laughs and the gags, it was always about one thing: survival.” Heart broken She was making a lot of money during the heyday. A LOT. Did she not save? (I happily donated and love her story; just saying she could’ve been set for life). 32 posts clearly isn’t enough. We need the FULL story! A lifetime lived cannot be summed up to 32 posts.

Where words fail music speaks tank top

Where words fail music speaks shirt

Tanqueray couldn’t make it without Stephanie. If she didn’t have her to keep her safe, get her to work on time and call out the bullshit when she saw it, Tanqueray would’ve gone spiralling down way faster and earlier than when you stopped dancing. She … See More Where words fail music speaks Rosie Finizio It takes a certain kind of strength and resilience to be able to face your life with the honesty and courage that this woman has. Without many options or support, Stephanie carried on, and survived…no matter what. It takes an unbelievable amount of h… See MoreWhere words fail music speaks v-neck

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