So thankful I got to see the first hell in the cell match. If your hair didn’t stand up at the first gong then you have no place being there thank dead man. You didn’t look like you were feeling well at summerslam when you rose from the casket…were you sick…just wondering Mark (I’m a true die hard wrestling fan). Now thats what you call an entrace. Its the best ever he is amazing . Seen him many times in the 90s .. Thank you so much for everything undertaker. Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler. I grew up watching you and you was the most entertaining wrestler I have every watched. Over the years you touched so many hearts in so many ways it’s unbelievable. I really appreciate everything you done fo… See More. The Undertaker will be my all time favorite. . Undertaker still takes my breath away. There just something about him.. When the bell tolls the deadman gets your soul

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Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler back

Dude Kurt was so amazing behind the scenes. An Olympic gold medalist but was also an amazing actor. I loved what they write for him such gold!. One of my favorite memories is when Kurt Angle was picking up things from a table and the stuff inside came out behind him. That’s when he dumped milk on the Undertaker’s motorcycle and turned around before hightailing it outta there, it looked like he… See More. These are all very funny moment’s. I would have never gotten so close to the Undertaker in a coffin because he wouldn’t have passed away so fast. That was a very funny moment . Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler. You Undertaker, the greatest wrestler I love and respect, you are my invincible hero. Great pair of wwe superstars. i’ve been undertaker fan for long time theses were my very top moments. U r my favorite wrestler of all time…. I would love to meet u in person (Undertaker)

Viking Odin Mjolnir personalized custom name tumbler

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Undertaker was why I watched wrestling he is so sexy when they start his music it sends chills up and down my spine he was the best wrestler ever!!!. Awesome if the Undertaker would interrupt you and then if it had to be Brock Lesnar next then that would be Cool too. Not sure if I’m creepy for this but undertakers evil persona and entrance makes me smile. I just love it and I’m typically not into creepy stuff but there’s no one like the Undertaker.. Definitely on my Mount Rushmore of wrestlers greatest big man to lace up the boots. If you really think about it, Undertaker is probably Vinces best wrestler period.. I WANT TO HEAR THAT ONE MORE TIME SO THE PEOPLE AND THE WWE UNIVERSE CAN GIVE MARK THE ROARING SENDOFF HE HAS EARNED AFTER 30 YEARS OF “DIGGING HOLES AND CLAIMING SOULS.” THANK YOU MARK.

Meu sonho ver John Cena x Undertaker na Wrestlamania um uma luta de verdade mesmo. TAKER # 100% THE BEST EVER .. WWE should honor you in the Hall of Fame. Love You heart theundertaker WWE Smackdown TV watcing.rock. The last time you saw the WWE champion as tag champion also was Austin in the 2 man power trip. UNDERTAKER & H.B.K. OVERTAKER 757. Embé,che match!!!. Dylan Wyatt Brown if you don’t watch the whole thing, at least watch the last 3-4 mins. Je t’aime tellement ma stars . غبي شون مايكل. Taker left the animal in the dust. That’s what happens when you mess with the Deadman you don’t know what he’s going to do.. Wow! Why would he do that?. Gracias ppr todo undertaker. Danilito Cardona. Sos una leyenda…. هوه انتا ليه اعتزلت المصارعه. تم. Jorge Josue Lopez Gutierrez. Wyyz Ella LES MATCH COMME ÇA ME MANQUE !!

Carlton Weathersby. Wish I were born earlier to watch all of Taker’s matches I just came and now he is leaving WWE. I’ve had the honor of seeing him wrestle in person. It was awe inspiring, this was in the mid 90’s in Seattle before a lot of the special effects and pyrotechnics. I can’t imagine how much more amped up the energy is with those.. My Best wrestler of all time I remember every his WrestleMania matches it was just something so special that it made a mark forever…He is just WWE Steering…. My favorite childhood wrestler and the best in WWE. The greatest and the most legendary iconic wwe Superstar of all time the undertaker 30 yrs he is incredible thank you taker. Definitely the greatest of all time he had the gimic had everything his character had the most put into it ya couldn’t just play being undertaker he put more effort into his act than anyone

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