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Should be every game. And PSG awaits. #Make_Bruno_Fernandes18_Captain. I recall the moment I met Sandra, she was the perfect person, the sweetest girl I had ever come across. Everything seemed so re-leaved but I didnt know behind this beauty lay the same person who was going to hurt me. The tables turned around shortly after I put the ring on her finger. The sweet soft Sandra I knew became bitter, the generous Sandra became mean, as in her behaviors changed all of a sudden, was it because of the ring/marriage that she now confident she had secured me. Uff da viking ship mug – Teasearch3d 191020 I still loved my Sandra so I took it upon my responsibility to have all these defects of character removed from her so that I could live with the person I fell in love with and got engaged to. I made research on how best to solve my problem, that is when I came across mama Anna(+27782391426) through a story on the internet where one Kaye said that mama Anna had helped return her relationship to normal. I contacted mama who invited me to his temple and we made the Love Binding spell. On returning home that exact day, I found Sandra had already returned home and had the house cleaned and organised. She apologized for the change in behavior and promised that such would not happen again. Am grateful to mama Anna (+27782391426) for the great work he did for me and my Sandra.

Uff da viking ship mug – Teasearch3d 191020

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Bongani Mzima. OGS surely has nothing to fear. The team played exceptionally well. Its was the quick passing between Mata, Shaw, Rashford, Bruno, James that was unlocking the defense. Wan Bissaka was gaining in confidence. David de Gea exceptional. This is a United team. OGS is not a schemer. So a well deserved response.. Ferguson had found a way to integrate Giggs in his plans as a rotation player during his twilight years, which worked to perfection. Ole should try the same with Mata.he may have lost pace but the finesse and range is still better than anyone else in the squad. Always stand on the touchline. It gives players morale. At least you still shout your frustrations which is part of the game. Good news is we won,and in a brilliant way!…..The team showed energy,especially David De Gea been vintage,and Mata showed quality never dies!.#GGMU. What he survives another week great achievement beating Newcastle Uff da viking ship mug – Teasearch3d 191020

Uff da viking ship mug – Teasearch3d 191020

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We dont expect anything from our team anymore.
Maguire shouldn’t even be in this team.ole can’t change tactics during a game.. Everyone is complaining united united We’re going downhill… Once we start winning everything will be okay. what difference does it make Newcastle will still beat us but start by benching pogba and put in Van dbeek and that defense only God will help us!. Newcastle to win , I don’t expect a win for Manchester united with that yeye line up. Win this one then lose 2 and Ole will then get replaced, when it should be the glaziers and ED !!!!. not naming degea and pogba on the lineup and on the bench its a clear win but with those two on the team sheet its aloose. Ervin Sow. Newcastle 3 Man Utd 0.. if Maguire and Pogba play today… M Morshed Rusho. Currently Everton is very strong from that they bring Jame to team .as If Mu win their we need change attitude to play , improve formation and change opportunity talent as freb , Vanbeek

Manasseh Mehta
Even without a win, I would still be convinced with the kind of character our boys displayed.
Total football, aggressiveness, tenacity to win and playing from the heart and for the badge
The boys didnt lose hope even after Conceding a quick goal, they kept on going
David De gea was at his best once again making wonderful saves.. Is it a coincidence or it counts for something that the first day Solksjaer decides to be on the touchline, giving out orders, United won in emphatic style??. Ole uses guessing game in his lineup..Mata is a player with great talent but no one make use of him. Phillip Mambo
Ole is a witch of football.. He is still not good for this team… He’ll be better of as a sporting director not as a manager…. Yesterday we really played very nice football Daniel James,Fred, it was great to see their confidence back but there is alot much to be done the team needs some fine tuning many miss passes,no runs poor decision making, selfish plays by rashy and dj yesterday also proved that ole should never blame squad depth

Pogba ,maguire and degea should at least be rested we have chelsea next week and im sure they cant be rested by den so let dem sit and watch this game and use dem against chelsea hoping for a positive result. Hong Va. Criszin Chua. Christopher Blades. Alan Varley
The parasite owners lose loads of money because United fans refuse to pay an extra 15 quid on top of sky BT and prime subscriptions to watch the game. Shane Esders. Hi guys Pochettinho is nt da person for our club becos so. many years wth Spurs an no trophy. We need Masimo Algeri who will be take us to the next level of success. Kasaine Andre Panian. ThanNaing. Unfortunately I can only hold on to faith that we do not concede too many goals today with the proposed lineup that we have released so far … but crossing fingers. Kelvin Ho

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