He said something similar after his escapades in Iceland . Iceland was playing with out meny inportant players. They was using players from U21. So this game was not real test to sow how good the English players are in real. I hope the best fore England . Yeah great for you personally but the group games were lost against Belgium home and way, soon as England play a team that can pass the ball and do a bit of attacking football always England comes out second. Uff da nisser christmas mug Its frustrating. How good will he be against Tescos and Sainsburys?. England always lack the nerve to face quality sides. Subconsciously they too are quality!!! Realize yourself.. Good player deserves his call up, but Bellingham needs more top football and under 21 for now. Foden and grealish link up well but foden had even more of ball with grealish off, i still think southgate has tactics and formation all wrong amd anyone who… See More

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Really love how far he has come under guardiola Imagine if it were klopp who was his manager..the praises and all ?. Anthony James Moss. Its no point having a good game in a match that dosnt matter. Why couldnt they do this against Belgium. Craig Proctor. Cityzen. The tournament was lost against Denmark . But Grealish was MOTM…. Uff da nisser christmas mug.This grealish thing is getting air carried away now… Pause GIF. A good performance all round. I think Harry McGuire needs to move into midfield permanently. Richard Brooksby. Was quality last night.Big talent with a big future!. Always plays well with the Icelandic. Delighted for Foden (absolutely cracking second goal) and a deserved MOTM for Grealish. Just a shame we couldn’t have had the same performance against the Belgians last Sunday.. Think it’s time to drop kane thought he was awful tonight give dominic calvert Lewin and abraham a chance. Southgate the jobsworth won’t play him against decent teams or if he has one too many beers the night before. No wonder Southgate former teammates called him a grass and a snitch when he was their captain at villa. He’s a typical FA yes man. Get rid of… See More

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Anyone seen . Pipes of Pringles 3
2 for 1 on Coke Zero 1. Paul Smart
He’s a 20 year old kid. Give him a break, and you wonder why our youngsters so often don’t make it with ‘support’ like yours. . Foden was really good but would like to see him and mount and grealish up against a team like Italy who don’t give you the room to play Iceland were very poor maguire playing high up you won’t see him that high against a good side. I like the team with him and grealish in, I just wish Southgate had more confidence in using our attacking talent. Come the Euros he will start with Henderson and Rice as two CDM’s, just play one and get Foden, Mount or Grealish in there for creativity. His front 3 is bound to be Kane Sterling and Rashford.. Some good performances tonight , Foden , grealish , mount , Maguire , rice , but let’s be honest Iceland were very poor tonight

Yet Southgate will bench him next game well done Phil. He was trying to impress that Icelandic chick as he knew she would be watching . His performance was as sharp as that hair line.. David Nobby Crook. That bit of skill towards the end was quality. Daniel Redden. Good player we hope that he does well in the next matches . Icelandic birds pulled?. Well done now go and get yourself some Icelandic ladies!. No doubt get dropped for euro games. It was only against Iceland and they were terrible was well easy for England lmao. Be great to get them all in a side with Sterling and Kane. Using a back 4 but we havent got 2 centre backs good enough to play 4 at the back!. We should have played this team against Belgium foden and grealish opened the doors that is what we lacked one is not enough you need two.

You wouldn’t Praise Liverpool for beating Tranmere Rovers.. Need to play like that against Belgium. Hold on, let’s wait and see what Kenneth Spirituality from Gambia thinks before we decide whether a 4-0 win with about 84% possession was dominant or not . To be fair some of the Iceland players have to be up early to open the shop.. Dont make me laugh if you cant dominate Iceland you should give up .take a look at the table that tells you how dominating and how good we are. Foden looked even better when Grealish went off, should be first on the team sheet. James Woollett. If we are ever going to get our hands on any trophy again we need a team of players that actually like playing as a “TEAM” I honestly think that they don’t play together enough to get what the 66 world winning side had which was charisma, strength and … See More

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