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So I have read a few comments here, it’s blame the team, blame the manager, blame Pogba.! It’s the first four games, we always start slow…! That’s Manchester United…!. Well done lads push on now PSG bring it on good look . The African experts are out in force again. One win against the Newcastle and all is good!?? Dont think so!. Glazers out Woodward out. It will be a deferent story with psg next week. Reginald Obinna. Damien Howard Trucker to my wife personalized custom name blanket Its one bloody game .. It was Newcastle. ole sacked ole go however perafec in this life except our creator plastics fans go and sit down. Niel Gioia. Please don’t be overreact. We have long way to go. Fred, Daniel and Shaw are useless. Take them out!. I liked this until I got to the link to buy more Kit . Good results to move on.. Ever since the club was formed, we had never won six successive Premier League or Division One matches on the road, while scoring at least two goals in each of them.

Trucker to my wife personalized custom name blanket

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Ali Aladdin. Just Newcastle oo and you guys are praising them. Lets see our next match with Chelsea and see what will be the outcome. Winning one game won’t stop us from saying ole out. Paris Saint-Germain waiting for you on Tuesday. This is so embarrassing we’re 14th in the league like wtfffffffff. Is this important? Trucker to my wife personalized custom name blanket We want the League and Cups coming in. Made Bruno a skipper and start Mata.. Sub Saharan Africa must have had a total wifi blackout !?!?. Alot of work to be done with the team.. Yesterday more than 20 attempts at goal. And all 3 goals came in the last 10 mins. We need to be more clinical. It’s obvious we were missing a fox in the box during the spills and push outs. Sad that they don’t realize this. We had Hughes, Cole, Nistlerooy, Van Persie, Saha, Larson, Zlatan, even OGS We have always worked with a target man upfront

Trucker to my wife personalized custom name blanket

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Leon Bertos. It will end in tears we all knw our team is not finishing in top 4. Roy Oscar Murimi. Up united for life looking forward to our next match psg. First of all nice win the men in red but we need to start the way we finished in the last 15 mins if we are to bet the front runners in epl and champions league start with our best players eg bailly instead of linderloff maguire had a good game but still the captaincy should go to bruno van de beek needs to start get rid of mctommyne fred linderloff and james play this team and i guarantee we will win henderson bailly maguire wan bissaka telles pogba van de beek fernandes greenwood rashford martial. Mata is the most underrated player in Manchester not united alone.. Phillip Mambo
Summon Bruno,he is selfish and wastful.. Ole has no attacking tactics never run any plays very predictable

AJ Jais. Much respect from Uganda

Turn Around by Chris Vivi Video challenge. Alexander Izu
Enough of the celebration Its just newcastle. Ole out, PSG won’t be easy as this for u. Sam Halim. We’re one club. Don’t be devisive.. Keep record intact Away Records. Now to get winning result at Home. . I am not happy that Brunos Penalty was saved . He still has a lot to do to appease the real supporters. Hearing greenwood and Williams on the drink not that they were injured!!!!. Hope you beat PSG the way you beat New castle!! Please don’t let PSG beat you the way Tottenham beat you. Michael Edwin Burke. Juan Mata Garcia!!!Good performance. I see the chemistry between mata and bruno working perfectly. Nathan Wallser. Win because of players not sir ole he need to resign. Bettors to pm me ,there is a better way to be happy in betting

Bruno has ball finishing better than Martial.. Meaning while . Let us focus our next match #GGmanu. We won so Ole is allowed a stay of execution before we lose again, it’s like the game hangman, slowly slowly but Rome was not built in a day, and Fergie took 4 years to build a decent United side go back to Palace FA Cup ‘90 and stop commenting crap or we will be relegated!. Ole out . Myo Thant Zin. Vikram Roy Mehta. Exactly. Now u know why our captain defend Shaw…. As usual. Use ur eyes and witness what I witnessed yesterday. Steve Irlam. Myo Thant Zin. they should be scared . Sajeed Sk. Ahmed Areej. I have the photo cover. Myo Thant Zin. Marcus Rashford game by number for Manchester United vs Newcastle:
85% pass accuracy
7 shots
4 ball recoveries
4 shots on target
3 chances created
2 take-on completed
2 assists
1 goal. One of the things I noticed yesterday is… It seems united plays good football without pogba and martial, the spirit I saw in our boys yesterday was a winning spirit even when they were one goal down they didnt park the bus instead the were so pushing and pushing, now this boy VDB has any one notice how easy and accurate his passes are… I feels like that boy has alot to offer to United but he’s limited play time is depriving us from seeing the best of him

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