Loyalty Tomi Smart good looking and scottish mug  I dont know what formation he decides to play o, but Donny and Scott must start against PSG. You need the energy and passion to disrupt their play.. Win against Newcastle marks the start of the season I agree. The performance was impressive . 28 goal attempts are the most of any team this season. Shackles have come off. We have a game in . I voted for the Captain. As good a display of character, courage, determination, and sheer class as I’ve seen watching United for 60 years.. Simple logic Ole,play Mata and Scot, people who have passion for the team, don’t forget Van de beek,play them and you win the matches,leave them out and lose,it’s that simple. A man of the match award for blind passes and for a missed penalty come on you guys you can do better, where is the football justice spirit? Mata was the man of the match stop this biased ting of yours

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Mehul Shah. Great bloke, speed isnt everything, when u can pass a ball with sure skill. 100% given for his club.. H Kivu Junior. The best man on the pitch yesterday. His vision is brilliant. A very special player. Stood out in every game he has played this season.. Has played fantastic this season. Now he has someone on his level too play off(Bruno)watching those two is great.. Mata would be a game changer this season for us. Ole need to use him wisely. Smart good looking and scottish mug – Teasearch3d 191020 Mata and Bruno is problems for any defence. They find pockets of space infront of defences and create and take pressure off of each other.. Nwolise Precious. Wish he was ten years younger. One of the best foreign players to play in the premiership.. He has brilliant last night. One of the few players who seems to actually care about the club, and not just himself, ole should play him more

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Darren Griffin
spend all ghese millions on creative midfielders and we have this diamond who always seems out of favour . how as a utd fan can you not love Mata, a true gentlemen and a pleasure to watch him play the game of football in a utd shirt, so many players in our squad could learn allot from his humility and love for the game . Mumbi Nelson Mumbi
Juan Mata deserves a lot of praise & respect. Ole needs to see & strengthen that good linking play between Mata & Bruno. Felix Dawson
We can definately see the quality when Mata is starting. And there is more. .. chemistry and quality when Mata, Donny, Bruno and Rashford link together. Its the best if Pogba be on the bench always and come out to help only when it’s necessary bcoz o… . Jared Rotich
Super underrated clinical player, he’s discipline both on and off the pitch
. Juan Mata

He is a giant of the team. He shows great performance when he given to play! . Football is not just all about running headlessly it requires techniques and mata gives you that. Player with skills and brain. Pity that the coach does not use him more often.. When spoke and think about him, the reality is, its hard to see player like him in nowdays. Humble, truely professional. Always gave 120% when hes got chance to play. Never demanded and acting like diva. He and bruno had mentality what united needs. T… . Juan Creativity” Mata. He always show best performance when he given to play.. Rechard Manghing
At his age, he still the best midfielder in this current United squad.. Please use him more yesterday he was so outstanding as always when given a chance and he should be given the armband.. He is United through and through and always gives is all man of the match for me

Irrespective of how we feel there are a lot of positivity to take from the game.. Terry Mason. I have been saying this, and I will continue to say it: We need a solid pattern of play more than we need players. The coach did well yesterday with respect to the pattern of play.. Dan James and Fred have gotta go they was shocking yesterday! Mata needs to stay in the team! Every time he plays hes a stand out player. I think the team played better defensively with out pogba they had better shape. I think pogba and greenwood are both defensive liabilities where Im not sure you can play them at the same time with out knowing your going to leak goals. I think going forward this game has shown that, Mctominay can be used defensive midfield with time and instructions he can get better, Bruno can start from left with Mata on the right, Pogba and Van de Beek as attacking midfielders and a striker this w…

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