Already got my tickets!!! I can’t wait! Coming from Colorado. DM Dee. Yay! I’m much to far away, but I know you will be happy to be with your fans again!. Aimee Sue Arnel Singh CY, I would love to be at this concert singing along to my favorite artist Chris Young singing the best country songs ever made, but it is all the way across the country from me. I am sorry, but I just can’t plan on attending your concert a this time. … See More Play GIF. Cathy Largent I so wish I lived closer. . Regina Rodgers. For my tickets (thank you Cindy) I will be bringing my 16 yo granddaughter…. her 1st concert! She is so excited!. Victoria Valdez Wish I could go, but unfortunately with this virus and financially, I can’t go!. Brenda Krasnican. This is so close to home! I can’t wait!. From PA. Gonna miss it!! Maybe you will make it a bit closer one day soon!!

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I love that you have a German Shepherd they have the head tilt and puppy eyes down like no other lol. He looks adorable with the glasses . Hes so cute and happy Halloween. Aw, awesome!!! . I didn’t get my dog a costume, but my horse got a little spooky today! #ghostrider. Oh my he is so cute!!! I love it when our babies pose for us!. So cute! Lumberjack Murphy says happy Halloween!. Happy Halloween!. Aw, very cute. Maggie voted against any costumes this year , the silly girl. She is such a rebel.. Missy Hammer. Omg, adorable! We had a hairy princess….. This is Milo. She wasn’t too happy that her human sister dressed her up in this.. Happy Halloween Hairy Porter… from Sadie & Sully. Porter, look good w Sunglasses.Happy Halloween handsome Dog.. Lol he’s so cute, I can’t get mine to put anything on but a bandana.

Santa muay thai christmas ugly sweatshirt

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Liliana Breitenfeld. #1 in my book. Got to see you in concert in Lake Charles. Been to a lot of country music concerts but that had to be my favorite one.. I’ve loved your music since you first started and still do. Santa muay thai christmas ugly sweatshirt .Looks great…they’re all well deserved! . Would love to see you in concert someday soon. I love your songs but your voice is absolutely breathtaking . Rebecca Lynn Johnson. Teresa Barker Holbrook. Looks amazing. You deserve every single one of them. . Great job. We enjoy listening to all recordings Chris. Especially ”Gettin you home”.. Carrie Tjosvold. Do you remember coming to Pass Christian Mississippi Walmart, I took my twin granddaughter’s to see you and they went in line about five times to see you and Zoe was so excited her gum fell on your boot we still laugh about that today they won’t play y… See More

Santa muay thai christmas ugly shirt

You got first aid kit while I got wood scene kit! The cutest reindeer, santa, and snowman ever!. I will run with you. Will be in Nashville next weekend. I have that same first aid kit. . Funny!!! Looking great Chris! Can’t wait until you get back to California!. Be careful because I want to see you in concert whenever things are normal again. Santa muay thai christmas ugly sweatshirt . . You Need Bubble wraps lol so handsome still God bless you and Porter your family the band your. Maybe knee pads and a helmet too! . Jeneva Dowdle. I did my jogging….if I fall I can fix myself….I used to be EMS! . I have that same box….it glows in the dark!!. Kathleen DeGraff Stacey. Never loose that sense of humor, Chris! Lookin’ great. “Stay Safe “.. Tina Niksch Barnes. Amy McCarthy. Lol…Yes! Always be prepared! Try not to fall again honey!. I thought it was rolls of toilet paper just by the look on your face!

Wow! I Have a family tree up my staircase you could send one of those plaques my way if you run out of room LOL I’ll keep it safe . Looks Amazing. Your amazing, inside and out. Thank you. Congratulations looks great. I agree with everyone else you deserve each one of these and probably many more in my opinion. I to have been a huge fan of your music since Nashville Star. Love your voice and songs, keep up the great work and please come … See More. Angie Lilly Kelley Dunavin. Impressive and well deserved ! My one wish is you being nominated for Entertainer of the year and winning!. Valerie Carr. Wow that’s so amazing Chris I love your music music and would like to meet you in person someday.. I’m bummed that you never sing your songs from your first album. I heard you on a radio interview that you struggled when you first started out and that’s why. Well I fell in love with you and your music when you won Nashville star!! That album is ama… See More

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