I love what Steve is doing with this show! More positive images of Africa.. Wow, that guy really went hard on you Your hair!!. I love you and your show i watch reruns show after every night. cant stop.. Love hearing new perspectives!. vehicle! Love the traveling feud and learning different cultures. You killed the “boerewors” . beautiful. Yes yes yes ?. THANK YOU FOR SHARING STEVE. GREAT INTERACTION.. Losing your hair. Much love mr Steve. You do a great job. Your hair . You make me laugh. Steve is just too funny. I is on my way to o. Love you steve. Boerewors I just tore apart with that one. The kzn. Can’t stop laughing. We don’t have. A wardrobe. Vehicle . Shutupp Steve… Do you know Neil Young…. Vehi cle . Vehicle . Hi this is Alissa Beucler I loved this video Please Keep up the good work Steve Harvey!

Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper

Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper black

Steve you always look great! The other two look like they purchased their outfits in the ladies section. Bare ankles and ballet flats are not a good look on a big strong men . Kinda snug but Theirs fit a little better . Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper. I think they all stole their look from the man in the Hat, Curious George. Play GIF. The style looks good on you Steve and the other two but these tight pants are too tight sometimes on men.. Yeah, but you got past it and look like a million bucks now! They look like bananas . We called them Zoot Suits in my time … Looks like they got theirs from the women’s section. Yours looks ok. Yellow isn’t my color but the lady’s with the tight leg pants make me laugh lol. I like most of his suits but this one looks like he’s a big banana way too loud bro

Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper

I went to the hospital years ago and my husband had to lock my Woofie in the bathroom so the EMT’s could get me. When I came home 3 days later he wouldn’t let anyone near me including my husband.. I think God gave most of dogs that feel safe and loved their Masters (owners) a sense to feel and manifest that in abundonnce That define a relationship with values. As I reflect I may claim that we are far fetched from that in relationships even towar… See More. Awwww I just love animals they have pure sweet loving heart this is why it’s so important to take good care of all animals we own then a good life and responsibility for them all sweet sweet kind pets I love them. And there you have the incredible love of a dog. I was just happy to see they were trying to be so kind and helpful to the dog, knowing how distressed he was. So glad the owner was alright and they are back together.

Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper grey

The Mask Wore it best.
Play GIF. Jim Carrey in The Mask picture is missing! Looks good on you!. You didn’t have the skinny leg cut though . Actually you stole that look from Ted on Curious George
Play GIF. In my country Uganda its even dangerous to dress in that colour . I love your style uncle Steve #truelegend. Slim leg pants so much better looking. But, this is a different century.. Santa Leonardo DiCaprio ugly christmas sweatshirt and jumper You guys look like members of the Chi-Lites!!. I don’t know but the guy with the mic wears it best! Ask him. . Yeah, Uncle Steve setting the pace since forever! Yours is the real deal please, theirs are mere imitations. They both wanna look like you when they grow up. Their suits look too small! I don’t like those pants that look like leggings! . Steve, in my country they would say “the tailor gave you all your fabric”

She is a good expert.. Why all the mean comments she’s a beautiful woman sharing makeup tips.. Who said y’all flawless??. Thank you, needed a little. This is great and all but the most important part of makeup is great skin! Her face is probably broken out from makeup. Makeup will look flawless as long as your face is at its healthiest state.. Dermatoligist right away girl. She probably wouldn’t have those acne issues if she used a blending sponge instead of her fingers. Do your thing beautiful black Queen. Where did she get her green top? It’s so pretty!. Lovely. Thanks for caring enough to share. How many Marjories are there?. Yeah I always wanted to know how they got that look
but being cheap or broke. was wondering who she was, and then she answered , she’s Courtney.. No one is flawless lol. Do guy’s wear make up.just saying.

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