It’s actually a tidy shirt but it’s way over priced. Just charge £40 maximum. That’s fair.. Horrible generic churned out crap from Nike again, bring back Umbro ASAP. Why be ripped off when you can by a fake one and still wear it to support your team whether club or country. What a joke of a price…probably about £3 to make.  Probably watching friends doormat. England shirts should be white (home) and red (away) end of discussion!!. I’ll be saving 100 percent. Still not paying it. Whoop de dooo 20% off, But then have to pay for postage,so puts the price back up . Is it the lockdowns that make you guys such miserable gits ? I mean buy or don’t buy but ffs …. whinge, whinge and effing whinge.. Mick Jones. The football shirts of club or country are getting so expensive and they are made in a sweat shops by people who get paid so little wages

Probably watching friends doormat

Probably watching friends doormat size L

With the discount its still more expensive than a full price club shirt. You need have a look at yourselves.. £115!!! That’s ficking discussing!!! Hang you’re heads in shame !!!. Wouldnt mind the exorbitant prices if it was at least a nice looking kit. Then I’d still begrudge what you’re trying to charge. Probably watching friends doormat. Whatever you do don’t order this from Sports Direct. They’ve totally messed up my order and now refusing to refund or exchange. Total nightmare- save yourself the stress and steer clear of Sports Direct.. Still getting mugged off at that price, they wear it what 5/6times and then £100 for another over priced shirt, ill trade in the last one an a pack of face masks… fair deal . Get back to Umbro they done the best Shirts. Hate seeing England playing in any shade of blue and this is the worst. Even hated blue shorts. Our flag is red and white.

Probably watching friends doormat

Probably watching friends doormat size M

It doesn’t matter who’s in our group, when we go up against a top rated side we always fail miserably, sure we thrash the rubbish during qualifying but it just gives us false hope, the recent European Mickey Mouse trophy proved that, against sides of a… See More. Colin Draycott
Hungary. 2. Slovakia, 3. Northern Ireland, 4. Luxembourg, 5. Andorra, 6. Malta. Don’t really care who’s in the group apart from Scotland love to beat them again particularly at Hampden, pity there won’t be any spectators to dig up their turf though . Scotland
Wales. The mighty three lions, Slovakia, Scotland, Luxemburg, and the Faroe Islands. Wouldn’t think another possible draw would be more popular?. England
Wales. Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Cyprus, Gibraltar some great away weather for a little break!. Love an England, Wales, Scotland, Luxembourg, Kosovo, Gibraltar group. Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Andorra, San Marino. Danny Evans. Just a wild prediction. England, Poland, Finland, Macedonia, Andora, San Marino

Wales, Scotland, then who ever. Base it on the best holiday destinations. Therefore Malta and Cyprus would be on the list.. England
Slovakia. Gibraltar. Would like to see England travel to Georgia and Kazakhstan. Because we never seem to get the long flung far away games. Be interesting how Southgate sets the team up to play in Kazakhstan which is closer to Asia than Europe.. The tougher the group, the better for England in the tournament proper. Pots two and three would need to provide a test. Switzerland, Russia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Gibraltar.. Wales, Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Andorra and Gibraltar. Some other teams for a change. Nice and easy too. Wales, N. Ireland, Luxembourg, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar will do nicely !. England
Scotland. Every two years I tell myself “Don’t get worked up about this squad. We aren’t going to do anything.” And then sometime around a few days out I’m like “We can win this!!” Only to get kicked in the jimmies time and time again.

Never see England play against Romania, Finland, Luxembourg, Faroe Island, Gibraltar for at least 20 years. Bullsh*t how we’re in pot 3 when we just lost to a pot 4 team… We should be given a fair chance like.. England, Romania, Iceland, Luxembourg, Andorra, Gibraltar…and a change in mentality to offer some attacking football.. Darren Yelkcarb. Wales, Scotland, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan to throw a bit of Home Nations ties, an unknown and a Borat Fixture into the mix . England
Wales. Easy doesn’t help England.. any group they should qualify from so add afew of the tougher games so the right players can gel properly & have a better mindset for the tournament proper when they will be tested… England
Wales. It’s in Qatar, it should be boycotted.. Paul Baker. John Holmes-Denton. Like to get a group of 5, but here’s the 6 I’ve chosen.
England. Just hope for 2 games at home in March rather than away, hopefully us travel members can get into Wembley with a restricted crowd.

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