Once upon a time there was a boy who really loved duck hunting poster


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Yes sir!! And Ive made about 200 and distributed to friends, family and co-workers. I’ll keep making more for as long as it takes!. I wear a mask Norway the land of the midnight sun poster due to common courtesy. Play GIF. Omg how is this still a problem after so much death and suffering. Yes wear the mask the seat belt the helmet for Gods sake take care of yourself family and neighbors.. My boss believes in herd immunity. Hurry up & help me out Joe.. We do too Joe! Our economy is in peril due to people refusing to mask and Covid , per reports today. Mask up and vote Joe and Kamala people! . Yes, & I too, was confused about, how it works,” Thanks to our friend, mother & teacher, too, She explained ,” I wear a mask to protect you!”. I am not confused, any more. Listen to your Doctors, the Scientists, the teachers, your good friends, w…

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A1

It is a win for all. EVERYONE needs to vote. Whether for Biden or Trump or another partys candidate, it is your duty as a citizen to VOTE!. When early voting starts in New York I will be there the first Monday no matter how long the line is blue all the way. I just did! Vote Blue no matter who! End the madness!. I just registered no matter who you vote for I respect you and may god bless this amazing country of ours!. I will vote but not for you. It’s going red across the board. #WalkAway. Thank goodness he extended it. People need to vote as soon as possible either by mail or early voting. I have already voted by mail here in TN. Just don’t know what tricks trump and the Republicans might try to pull. They are desperate to win.. Just Voted in California first time mail in. We took our ballots to our local drop off box. Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A2

Voted for you today. Carried my ballot to the local office of elections. Take back America! Vote Blue all the way down the ballot!!. I already voted in person. Here in Nebraska, in person voting started on October 5, 2020. I encourage everyone to vote in person as early as possible. Very easy, secure, and simple. Go vote early!. Im not only voting but also I’m going to be a poll worker for the first time!!. I did vote and took my ballot to the clerk’s office and deposited it outside city hall so I know it will be counted. First day of early voting in Ohio , Was there at 8 am , I and my family Voted Blue, first thing this morning, straight Blue, For our life’s and our Countrys and Democracy. YES– be a part of the BLUE TSUNAMI– VOTE EARLY & BRING a FRIEND TOO—. I am voting in person in Florida on the 19th of Oct. No hail, snow or storm will stop me from voting this man out!

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A3

Amazing speech so heartfelt and optimistic. Thanks for reminding me that I love the United States of America and our best days are ahead.. I cant be more proud of having you as our candidate Joe. Our country needs you . How refreshing to have someone speak in complete sentences, stay on topic and project sincerity and compassion.. Wonderful and inspiring. Joe can lead us to a more perfect union.. What a speech! Felt good about this country for the first time in a long time. Thank you -. What a fabulous speech! It has made us Americans so proud. Thank you for running. I can’t wait for this nightmare to be done.. Yes we are!!!! Stay on target! We will rise with you! Positive vibes and love to you both!!!!. Beautiful patriotic and inspiring speech. Thank you Joe for reminding us of the profound and wondrous quotes from our forefathers that we haven’t heard in the last 4 years! God bless America!

WaitThis is different… Someone whos worried about others….I could get use to this! . I already voted for you but I’m still interested in your plans. Thank you for showing real leadership, now and for your entire career. Keep up the good work! . Of course you do. You care about us!!! And we’re grateful! As important, we care lots and lots about you. Thank you, Joe!. Absolutely more than patriotic,but saving lives of the Americans. Your the real hope of the Americans, protector & shielder.. I wore a mask working in surgery to protect my patients and I wear one now to protect everyone.. THANK YOU for being a great role model and an overall kind, empathetic, decent human being. Our country needs you!!!!. Success often breeds enemies, and those who cannot follow you have nothing but to stab you from the back. Congratulations to you Joe Biden The first debate proved that you deserve to win the presidential elections.

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