Norway the land of the midnight sun poster


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I lost my dad in April. Unlike Trump you had a plan, a plan that would have saved tens of thousands. It is a glimmer of hope when I hear you. You speak from the heart, that and the experience and knowledge you have will lead us back to a better America… . Thanks for you kind words Mr. Biden. Norway the land of the midnight sun poster I lost my mother to COVID-19 in July. She was a healthy 67yr old woman with no underlying health issues.. Dont hesitate to take the gloves off. We stand with you. Be well, and stay safe.. Thank you, Joe. You are a class act and what we need right now to lead us out of this miserable nightmare that is Trump.. These are the words of what a REAL President should be communicatingThank you Joe!. Thank you. We lost our dad to it last Saturday. He was completely healthy before he caught it. We will be miss him more then words can describe. Thank you for acknowledging his loss! Alan Tusa

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

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The actual death toll is much lower. 210,000 is counting all those with comorbidities.. Thank you Joe. I lost a colleague to this awful and very dangerous virus.. I think one of the main reasons Biden is so far ahead in the polls is due to his empathy and compassion.. Thank you Joe. Im counting on you and Kamala to restore clarity, sanity, kindness , justice and a safe plan to reopen our nation and Build Back Better!. Thank you so much for your empathy! It has been sorely missed.. So many lost and the President shuts down stimulus talks to spite the living.. We’re counting on you Joe! We know you can restore our country back to what it rightfully should be, land of the free and home of the BRAVE!. When they go low, We go high” Thanks for your kind words. Please dote on those essential workers who have survived this.serving the public all the way through. Medical staffs, police and emergency, and especially the grocery workers who have had a … Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

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Stay away from that man, Joe! No need for a debate. He tried to get you and your loved ones at the last debate and he’ll try it again at the next. Not worth the risk. The speech today was wonderful really knocked it out of the park. Only he has somethi…
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Tenor. Thank you for the message! You are showing true compassion, something we are not getting from the current administration.. Time to change writers, these are too, too sugary. As a person who had Covid & still fighting after effects, thank you.. Thank you, sir, so much. This disease is a plague, and I know you will fight for us. I mailed my ballot in voting for you and Kamala Harris in September. I was in the first batch here in North Carolina. Prayers for you and yours.. STOP IT with the empty chairs around the table! Talk about the fatherless homes of all of these precious kids who deserve better!

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Joe , You are a true American. The kind of American who looked out for their neighbors. I remember sitting on our front porch and people would walk by saying hello , even if you didn’t know them. I long for that kind of America again.. The difference in tone is remarkable. On the one hand, you have a man in denial who is more than willing to promote wreckless and lethal behavior. On the other, you got Joe, just consoling the already afflicted. The choice is so clear, its crazy. Bide… . Thank you Joe for showing compassion, integrity & family values. I’m more than Confident that you’ll make a Great President.. As someone who lost a brother to this nasty disease your leadership is greatly needed.. Joe Biden strengthen the manufacturing companies of the American people and health that is what matters. Joe Bien the best forever

Already voted in person, last week and so did my hubby!. I will crawl through fire and glass to cast my vote this year! Vote Blue . cant wait to vote for you early and in person Joe!. I voted for you-sent my absentee ballot in and it’s been received.. Unfortunately, my state’s laws will not allow me an option to vote that matches my personality.. Can I just add that this is EXCELLENT. Take the quiz” and get on board!. I’ll be voting 11/3 – straight blue!!!. Even though I already have a plan, I took the quiz for fun. I am voting Absentee, In Person, Early for Biden/Harris and every democrat down ballot. . I want to go to early voting, but just in case have my mail in ballot! Blue all the way!. I voted already (overseas ballotGO JOE!! . Right on time, “Q” begins their nonsense vote Biden Harris 2020

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