Didn’t see it, along with the vast majority of the country due to it not being on free to air channels! Shocking but what to expect from a money grabbing FA.. Great night for the youngsters who showed the same against the Irish who really gave it a go. Might be time for Harry Kane to step aside, he didn’t look half the player he was a few years ago. Paul Baker. Jason Saliba. Youngest ever player to score twice in the same match for England at Wembley. The future’s bright. Native American bedding set Up there he says. Foden, James, Saka, Grealish, Coady, Mount…regulars for me now…thought Maguire was immense; pleased for him . Cracking player. England have a great attacking team but need to stop with the 3 centre backs. Foden, Grealish and Mount going to be great together. Foden only came to life when the subs came on when jack was on the pitch at the same time . He was the better player have you thought many the votes where already in . Foden was man of the match over 90 mins but not when jack was playing at the same ti… See More

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That bit of skill when he controlled on the right towards the end of the game was sensational. Another hugely talented attacking player in the England ranks. Just need a formation that works for all of them.. Played well, but it was a nice game for us last night , let’s judge when we come across proper opposition, in the proper games ! Native American bedding set Very good , but it was like Liverpool playing Doncaster rovers , Iceland were poor. He was better “in” Iceland allegedly.. Even phil jones will be iniesta against iceland! Stop the hype. Liam J Shannon. Almost as good as a night in an Icelandic hotel room!! Fantastic debut.. They probably won’t win anything in our lifetimes. 2 goals and an assist my man of the match. Thought Rice also did well .. He’s a class act but it was only Iceland . Please keep him in the team

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Ending the year on a high-what third are you delusional or just listening to Southgate?????????. John Parkinson
Why does he play the best players like foden against the lower sides left out belguim. Seriously, end on a high? And there’s the rub! That’s the problem, you really think beating Iceland ranked #39 is cause for such a claim. Need I remind you, we’re out of the Nations League. And why is that? simple: our game is way too formulaic. Y… See More. Why was maguire so high up the pitch?. yah high spirited show…but out of Fabulous race. I agre alan seabourne ,how can coming third and being knocked out be a high ,what a joke. Shame couldn’t do this in an actual competition . Pls look up the meaning for the use of high this context.. On a high . I don’t get how we didn’t finish 3rd when we had a better goal difference then denmark

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Stephen Hodge
England have many talented players, and maybe in the future they will win a championship of some form. At the moment, their not quite experienced enough, every game they will improve and by the summer I think we have a chance at the European championship. Quality will shine through, eventually. Be patient.. Clive Hodgson
For starters .One obvious huge mistake this match threw up straight away was that not playing Foden against Belgium could have cost us the Nations League . Spain v England with Foden and Grealish plus Sterling and Rashford for extra pace in attack wo… See More. On a high? Iceland a team of part time footballers? Like Liverpool playing Barnet… I expect to us win 4-0.. Robert Humphreys
On a high but were crap enough to finish 3rd in a waste of time nations league. Sævarsson barely touched Saka on both occasions. More football, less diving.
Impressive display from the Three Lions.

I really hope Pulis in a waistcoat doesn’t waste all this talent he has available to him.. Good result, decent performance. But Iceland are a League 1 side. We need to do this against Belgium, Germany Spain.. His best night was the away fixture with his tag team partner Greenwood. Cannot believe he did not get MOM. Great performance and deserves to be a regular.. England team is only good in winning average teams but lost once they play a good team it happened in last world cup and recently vs Belgium and Denmark. Yep but grealish got MOTM…..For doing what exactly ? dribbling and passing ?. Just imagine if he’d of won the man of the match he deserved . It was easy opposition and nothing to play for but showed great potential last night. Loved the control and flick he did from a high cross. Amazing skill

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