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Adrian Pantin. He should work more on his ball usage, he kills united more. stop disturbing us with irrelevant issues so winning Newcastle now is like winning the premier league abi . . Messy buns and guns camo 3d shirt Tell us more update about tomorrow match …. Rehan MN. self confidence is everything i heard somebody a day before the match saying aron has no goal in his intire career hope these is enough you also continue from there.. Am I the only who notice he is improving attacking wise?. As a flanker.. he had many chances to score goal and assist… please create more chances…. As usual he was going to cross that ball, but then realised he had acres of space and asked himself, wth am I supposed to do now?? . The spider baller he is a good defender but crossing he needs to work on it other except he has the quality. Blessed King Steve

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If the keeper didn’t get injuried it would of finished 1-1. I wanna ask Solskjaer, he bought new players to keep them on the bench, is it? Then why waste the Club Budget.. Wow – the comments here are honestly shameful – FFS leave Ole alone and just do what you know best and support the club – if you aren’t happy bugger off seriously – if you want to make such comment buy some shares and go to the AGM and say it there – s… . Wayne Chetty Messy buns and guns camo 3d shirt Thats how bad Newcastle were . AWB, who isn’t known for his attacking skills, scores a screamer . I think netting the goals is one of the areas where Aaron needs to work on. And he needs to work on making the passes from his wing more accurate.. For sure he can strike a ball… should work more on improving his crosses

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Now hes learnt how much potential he has a will take chances because he respected the net too much! Funny enough he used to be a winger and was converted.. Janet Monoyou. Harvey Thabo Phakathi. He’s defensive skills are awesome, he just need to improve the attacking side.. Fabian Carey. This is a dinosaur!! (‘A heavy kicking bootman.
He’s Just another vintage cyn, with a pending, tempory contract, ‘running out……….due to his prehistoric runing on the sidelines.. Take care of mbappe tomorrow I believe in you. Dennis Nightness Charway. Samz Kinuthia Chey. Jakom Kasri. He will be one of our iconic heroes. Phillimon Muts Siankombo Jnr. Paulo Brito. Keep trying to swing in those crosses, keep trying to hit the back of the net. You’re a beast spidey. Tensay Taffe Hurriso. He is the manager,not coach. Nyan Yee Htet
Come on Bissaka. That’s what we expected ! Keep on . Not bad but more energy is needed more

Great picture to keep young man. Says it all. . Determination brings about Self Confidence,,, Keep it Up. The difference between Awb and Liverpools Taa is the ability to cross, our Awb is very poor in crosses, if he con work on that very good player.ggmu. Alex Benaiah. Heikal Suhaili. I watched the whole match, this guy is fantastic. Not surprising he got on the scoresheet. He’s certainly one of the MOTM candidate if not the winner.. To be fair he could have scored a few goals by now from that position. Teams are always leaving bags of space on his side, I think because they know attacking isn’t his greatest asset. If United had a more naturally gifted attacking RB like a TAA, they… . Evangelist Bra Dela. He will be a United great once he truly believes in himself because the skill I believe is there. Nalissa Wilkinson Nathan played Right Back on Saturday and scored too. Can you please show him this.x

We move over to Paris.. lets not get carried away Biko . we are through with them please you people should now face our match with PSG and leave all these things biko. Haochi Zhang. Muhammad Iqbal Ibrahim. Highlighting old news really pisses us off. We want to be a strong lion, not be a peacock that shows off after a little nice display for one day. Admin if you don’t know how to handle an official account properly pls look up for other football pages for reference. Don’t do this here. Its like my kindergarten teacher handling it. We’re going with PSG next. Forgot ? . The lineup was very disorganised indeed it won a disorganised team with a disorganised coach. With this lineup count a loss when we play aston villa. Rehan MN. Since Last night i can’t scroll without Seeing This Our Old Shiid Are we the only Team who Win our Match #Go to Man City’s Page And See if their doing the Same thing NO!!!!Meanwhile they even play with Arsenal

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