Saw him 1990 survivor series in Hartford I was 4 rows back. My opinion the only wrestler that didn’t have to cheat to win and wouldn’t back down from a fight the GREATEST wwf/wwe superstar of all time. Watched him first on his WWE Debut in 1990. Now 30 years later an Era will end. Thank you, Taker!. No one else has an entrance like The Undertaker. Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt. Never got to see him wrestle when I really liked wrestling.. I remember flipping channels in 1995 and just as I changed the channel the screen went black and that music started. Didn’t know what was going on so I watched as the Undertaker made his way to the ring. First time I saw him, with Paul Bearer, and I wa… See More. Undertaker’s entrance music always sends chills down my spine. Undertaker was one of my best wrestlers. Me and my son was happy to actually see him take that slow walk down with dat hat and jacket to the ring.

Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt

Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt front

Meu sonho ver John Cena x Undertaker na Wrestlamania um uma luta de verdade mesmo. TAKER # 100% THE BEST EVER .. WWE should honor you in the Hall of Fame. Love You heart theundertaker WWE Smackdown TV watcing.rock. The last time you saw the WWE champion as tag champion also was Austin in the 2 man power trip. Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt UNDERTAKER & H.B.K. OVERTAKER 757. Embé,che match!!!. Dylan Wyatt Brown if you don’t watch the whole thing, at least watch the last 3-4 mins. Je t’aime tellement ma stars . Taker left the animal in the dust. That’s what happens when you mess with the Deadman you don’t know what he’s going to do.. Wow! Why would he do that?. Gracias ppr todo undertaker. Danilito Cardona. Sos una leyenda…. هوه انتا ليه اعتزلت المصارعه. تم. Jorge Josue Lopez Gutierrez. Wyyz Ella LES MATCH COMME ÇA ME MANQUE !!

Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt

Merry xmas skulls short sleeve shirt and hawaiian shirt back

Carlton Weathersby. Wish I were born earlier to watch all of Taker’s matches I just came and now he is leaving WWE. I’ve had the honor of seeing him wrestle in person. It was awe inspiring, this was in the mid 90’s in Seattle before a lot of the special effects and pyrotechnics. I can’t imagine how much more amped up the energy is with those.. My Best wrestler of all time I remember every his WrestleMania matches it was just something so special that it made a mark forever…He is just WWE Steering…. My favorite childhood wrestler and the best in WWE. The greatest and the most legendary iconic wwe Superstar of all time the undertaker 30 yrs he is incredible thank you taker. Definitely the greatest of all time he had the gimic had everything his character had the most put into it ya couldn’t just play being undertaker he put more effort into his act than anyone

The highlight of an otherwise really poor Wrestlemania. I love this match that’s one of the things I love about him he would go out there and take care of business. He was in pain after the match I know he would do all over again . 24:23 “STAAYYYY DOWN!!”
3 people in the front row “Shut up!!!” . I remember when i saw this match live with my buddies at a frieds house, an unforgettable feeling, every second so tense, “will this be it?” Undertaker facing more powerful opponents each year, every time giving us everything he’s got and not dissapoi… See More. Such a memorable match. Sigh the good old days…. Taker has ain’t no grave entrance music here, why replace it with his original theme?. The undertaker is greater than Triple H. There’s a limit a human body can take. Loved this match but I preferred the hell in a cell match they had at wrestlemania

Carlton Weathersby. I loved End of an Era. I loved this match even more. Jerry said the Undertaker is not human. I have it on my gallery boss,it was one of my best Fights. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the end was taker genuinely injured or was it a build up to next year. I love the match between edge n undertaker at ruslemenia. Undertaker will always be my favorite wrestler the streak should have been lost to triple h not brock lesner this was outstanding match. Wwe’s the forgest match. Great match. Undertaker is died but he was resurrected.. The last great Taker match… this match stole the show that year… THIS match was truly the end of an era (not the following year’s match).. I still think their WM17 match was a lot better… One the greatest match in wrestlemania history betwenn two assoluty greatest legend and wrestler in wwe history

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