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It is clear that it is only an improvised and on Tuesday they will know its reality !!. Rain Emmer Lewis. Roslan Ali. Dont changed whats worked for your last night! Stick to this Combination between Mata and Hernandez. Big game coming up on Tuesday.. Why will Mata be on the same pitch with Maguire and give Maguire Captain what nonsense, why did you buy Donny when you can’t start him, and Tella and the rest , you get luck to go 4 goals , look at when Pogba and Donny enter. But until Van De Beek came on they were going nowhere , very slow build up , he changed the game .. He’s got (F) to do with the team winning but it’s still so boring to watch too many passes?. Harry Smyth Letter air mail to my son quilt LUKE SHAW I would like to see you defend the goal . Hope ONE gain will not be followed by TWO losses! We follow you.

Letter air mail to my son quilt

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Slabhead maguire players 1 good match out of 10 which is not good enough plus u still make him captain time for Ole to go with maguire. He did a good job shaking up the starting 11. Benching the likes of Pogba took guts and would have possibly backfired. Having Mata and Bruno adds to the creativity. And with the speed of Rashford and James, makes for a devastating attack. I really hope… . I dont know who needs to hear this but Bruno and Van De Beek are a better pair than Bruno and Pogba. Alfian Jamjin Letter air mail to my son quilt Play a faster game to create chances. Utd are to slow to move the ball. Need to play like Mata, Fernandes, Van der Beek who always move the ball quick.. The performance was a lot better!!!. Good to trash middle table team like that,we should do it more often. That’s where the league is won,and Ole have good review against top teams

Letter air mail to my son quilt

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What does de beek have to do to start a game ?. Is it just me or this man looks exactly like Andy Serkins?. Steve Stylzmaliq Chibesa. Harish Shankar. It doesnt surpass the fact that Ole is not the man for this job He’s clueless and inconsistent. For the first time i fall inlove with Ole tactics, our match against Newcastle was pure genius tactics from our humble Ole. Kofi Supremo. You are going back to loosing ways,PSG and Chelsea coming your way. Fami Shine. Wont last, a good CL beating to come, then it will be penalties, the ref, VAR, officials, then ole, Ed, the boardroom, The signings to pogba again. Then it’ll be acceptance, united is ….. Venzil Naicker. Pete Martin. Yesterday match dews for manchester. He didn’t do anything players take victory sir ole should resing. Let keep the winning mentality and never give up spirit, that is what united is known for. #GGMU

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Smath Collins. Next match psg is power full team neymar dangers player lock the player. Ben Simpson
Our first win in 4 PL games before the final whistle.. There was no style there it was just a last minute desperation.. kick martial out forever, let that lazy, non productive and emotional guy play at lower level. Jamal Kamal. I wait PSG, Chelsea, Leipzig and Arsenal, after these matches we will comment something, before, NOTHING!!!. Next time Alex in Shaw out,vdb in Fred out,cavani in James out. Man united comes back. How long it would take without tactics??. The problem ole have is when the team is going playing game, he will sit down doing nothing, do you see what he did yesterday. What I have observed from the Team is I think Ole should do is, change Maguire position. As I have observed he is not really a Central Back, he rather play as a midfielder.

South Africa Tembisa. Am very happy because ole is now in a trap. There is no way he will escape being sacked this time. This upcoming fixtures is a tough test for him.. Lina Beckham De Ronaldo
Watching from Ethiopia
All Im asking for is a win . Please before you bring the world together bring your performances together as well We are tired of your empty promises that you will bounce back . Adam Callaghan. Kabeer Omarr Ibraheem. Johnny Turner. I am not paying 15 quid to watch this or any other game. undefined. Chris Hill. Nathan Wallser. undefined. With the VPN turned on I could be from anywhere . I think our prayers nolonger love ole… these players played very well towards the end of last season but they play like a high school team….. watching from zambia. will be looking for a stream, not paying sky any extra money to watch this.

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