Thank you Sir! I grew up watching and admiring you! You have been an inspiration and a joy for many years, for many people all over the world. You are a living legend and your legacy and career will never be repeating. You’re as unique as you are pheno… See More. Thank you for scaring the crap out of me when I was a kid but being a big role model as an adult. You’re performance will be truly missed. You’ve given us so many years of great memories and we your fans truly appreciate and admire everything you’ve do… See More Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper. Good bye Undertaker, your battles will remembered. God bless you and your family to stay safe also never give up on life even if your Wrestling Career is over. You still have your family and friends you worked with, you deserve this peace. RIP Underta… See More. Am going to miss you a lot the undertaker my hero great legend of all, a great icon,your legacy will always remain strong in our hearts the entire family of ww wrestling will never forget you,we your great fans will always remember you,as our hero, lov… See More

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size L

When people say why do you like wrestling, pretty much Undertaker is the answer. You totally got it, you adapted through many years, you could wrestle, and put on a show. And besides all what we saw on TV, we know you were well respected in the back as… See More. Thank you the Undertaker. You were part of my childhood memories. Too bad I’m not gonna be seeing you again do what you know how to do best. I wish I could see you face to face someday. You’re a true hero. Thank you. Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper. Thank you for the memories taker it’s all over what a fantastic career be very proud of what you have achieved in sports entertainment in my opinion the greatest of all time his WrestleMania record will never be beaten. Thank You for all of the awesome memories! The Undertaker Greatest Wrestler of All Time! “Rest in Peace” Pause GIF

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size M

Nobody will ever touch your record at WM. You are a once in a lifetime athlete/ wrestler! You are the greatest in my eyes and I’m sure a lot as well . Your legacy will live forever . The hand of welcome will be extended more eagerly than the hand of farewell whenever you revisit the scenes in which you have borne so pleasant a part in the past.. You will always be a great wrestler and I want to thank you for all the times you put yourself in that ring for my entertainment. You will always be number one too me much love to you and I will never say goodbye just until I see you again.. you are an icon and a great wrestler you will be missed. You will be miss. There would never be anyone else to give us the most electrifying ring entrance like. From watching as you kid to my adulthood thank you

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size S

Thank you Mark!! Thank you for being a huge part of my kids childhood!! Best luck to what you do on your next part of the journey we call life!!. Thank you Taker. You’ve had a huge impact on my life since I first started watching the WWF in the early 90s. You will deservedly go down as the greatest ever. I hope you enjoy your retirement with your family!. Thank you for entertaining us for 30 years a career that cannot be matched. Your respect sacrifice and love for the business has this fan in awe of you. You Sir have my undying respect and admiration. Enjoy everything this time holds for you and Thank … See More. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You for all these years to entertain us. You are one of the best of All Time and your legacy will leave forever. You will be missed. It’s sad to see you go but you will have the time to rest after all these years you … See More

I watched you from the first night you came in to survivor series till last night. What an amazing legacy and phenomenal performer. Trint Jones. thank you for making my childhood and adulthood awesome much love from NIGERIA (AFRICA). Thank you for the memories and the extreme hard work and dedication.. I will always have fond memories of watching you with my father. I was always excited when the lights went out, and the bell tolls. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done, you are absolutely amazing. RIP Undertaker, you have more then ear… See More
Play GIF. Thank you for the great childhood memories that will always be with me forever. You brought my family closer together when you performed on the pay per views and you had a part with me in making my dreams come true of being a Pro Wrestler. You are a tr… See More

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