In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster


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I always wear my mask. So many people died and You could have died and I’m really disappointed wow . It’s a foolish thing for people to argue and flex their rights about. Too many people have died because of idiotic , dumb politicians . Wear a mask and accept the facts…. #TeamPlague has a lot of players sitting out with Covid! Wear a mask!. One of these guys understands science, the other guy has coronavirus.. Wear a mask! . Am guessing that the back of Trumps mask is covered with orange paint. He is such a little girl who doesn’t want to smear his lipstick. Thank you for showing everybody how to put on a mask and remove a mask. Sleepy joe looking for cheap popularity.. You are the Smart One Joe!. Go Joe! This one video encapsulates why you should be president! It’s not too much to ask that our president be a rational, thoughtful compassionate human being. Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

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Says the guy who just said we could quarantine due to a black lady restocking the shelves of grocery stores.. Hmmm after 47 years you finally woke up, Joe!. after 47 years in the dirt what do you have to offer Joe. Its a RACIAL JUNGLE”, full of “PREDATORS” out there, isn’t it Grandpa Joe?. You’ve had 48 years and you’ve done nothing. Obeying officers who no longer act as officers. The madness needs to end..Go Joe!!!!!. Biden: ‘I Was Able to Stay Sequestered’ Thanks to ‘Some Black Woman’ Who Stocked Grocery Shelves.. this statement is just one of his racism.. there’s video to watch if your wanting to verify. Shameful.. Joe Biden:. Didn’t your VP keep an innocent man in jail to keep her record clean? . You can love your police and want reform at the same time…oh that’s right, you are a trumper!. Proud to vote for you and Kamala Harris. Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

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Theres room for every American. We are a people. Does it matter the hue. If one of our countrymen is down we should help them up. Not ignore them and call them lazy. Life is not that simple. United we stand. Namaste!
These are hard times and they require some simple truths.Whether we are here by birth or by immigration; – we are Americans and this is our country.. 47 years?. You created 1 job in 47 years and you gave it to Hunter. I’m for you except the de-funding of police. That bothers me and can make a difference in my vote. Protecting our Social Security and our Medicare means a lot to. Then you need to reverse the bill you wrote and passed in 1994.. Make equality great again! #votebiden
Play GIF. I wonder if he remembers his policy is a huge cause of that injustice. That is just a snippet of what he said which was taken out of context.

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Ohio early voting just opened today, my 18 year old stepdaughter (1st time voting) & I voted today!! . Voted today in NH and we both voted for you!!!. I cant wait to vote in my first presidential election . We voted yesterday! Dropped out ballots off at the board of elections!. I voted for Joe and Kamala!. Looking forward to a wonderful change in our nation!!! Go Blue!. Early voting in Texas begins October 13 and I CANNOT WAIT!. Thank you, Joe.. I am soo excited to cast my vote for you and I look forward to and feel hopeful about your Presidency.. I can’t wait to vote in Michigan. In person. For trump. We voted in West Virginia a few weeks ago.. I’ve already voted. And yes, for Joe!. Senator Harris should have a plexiglass shield up for the debate, like Jamie Harris in South Carolina. Great safety idea. Please U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, protect yourself and have a shield.

Joe don’t debate him unless he’s tested right in front of you and make sure you are surrounded in plexiglass. Better yet don’t debate this monster.. Dont debate the schmo again Joe! Keep campaigning don’t stop now! He’s most likely trying to get his 5 mins of telling us virus is nothing and vaccine out against fda approval to try to gain votes.. Don’t fall for it. He wants to talk the entire debat… . He took his off when he was away from other people. You put yours on with no one around. I don’t think you understand how the masks work.. He took it off to breathe better. He is having labored breathing. He probably went in and put on the oxygen.. One of these guys know only a N95 mask works. The other material or hand made does not do Jack except keep your bad breath close to you!

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