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The best wrestler to emerge in the twentieth and twenty-first century, a legend with everything that holds the word. Who is with us? We love you. Undertaker, long live your voice and live. Thank you Undertaker. You will always & forever be the greatest ever in my book. I’ve looked up to you. I’ve gotten so much joy & excitement when you music would hit or just seeing an appearance of you. I’m sorry to say but Vince screwed you at wrestle… See More In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe. I love you Undertaker You will be missed. A career like no other in any arena. You were my childhood idol and now at 38 you are showing me your other sides and I am falling in love all over again. You are simply an amazing human being. Thank you for 30 years and I look forward to more.. The Undertaker vs. Yokozuna casket match the Undertaker verses Kamala casket match I love those casket matches and when the Undertaker got his strength from the urn

In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe shirt

In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe hoodie

Legendary. That’s the only word that explains your career and your character!! We are forever grateful that you shared your talent and excellence with us Mark!!. Played You In Video Games, Seen You Wrestle In Person And On TV….You’re A Pillar In The Museum Of My Good Memories Growing Up. Thank You. . I was 10 years old when you debuted. I’m now 40 and you never ceased to amaze me. It’s been one hell of a ride. #ThankYouTaker. Thank you Undertaker. You’ve been an inspiration to wrestlers and fans alike. Showing you and Paul Bearer together one last time was mind blowing. In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe The WWE will never be the same without you. SmackDown was your playground, the ring was YOUR YARD. Thank … See More. From the first Survivor Series to now, Undertaker you’ve always and forever will be my favorite wrestler. I’m so very privileged to have met you in person signing autographs and taking pics. Not to mention, seeing you in a few house shows and at Wrestl… See More

In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe shirt

In a world full of kardasshians be a phoebe long sleeve

The best, the greatest of all time. I saw The Undertaker about three or four times in my life including his last appearance in Mexico City in 2015 with Kane. For so many memories and always making Wrestling something unique. Thank You Taker!. Brother… it’s been an amazing career and adventure watching you grow as a superstar. You have given the WWE so much and words cannot even describe how much of an impact you have on the world. Thank you for being one of the biggest influences in the W… See More
Play GIF. Thanks taker! I have some awesome childhood memories watching you with my dad!. I don’t know how more grateful I can tell you on how much you meant in my whole life, thank you for that and just sad that you’re retiring but you sooooo deserve it, You are the best of the best and there will never be anyone like you! Thank you Taker!… See More

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FROM TIJUANA MEXICO, BIG INFLUENCE IN SPORTS AN IN LIFE, THANK YOU TAKER FOR BEING A BIG INSPIRATION, MY WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE THE RESPECT THAT I HAVE FOR YOU, YOU ARE ONE OF THE REASON WHY I NEVER GIVE UP IN SCHOOL AND YOU HELPED ME GET TRUE BULLYING… See More. The 90s. Brett Hart, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior, and yes Undertaker. Who else misses it?. Ralph Osborne. Thank you for making my childhood awesome, my friends and I would order PPVs and pizza and just be in awe of watching you perform. The greatest to ever do it, watching you pull back the forth wall this year just let us all know how much you loved this … See More. Sohrab Miraminy. I’m saddened that you have retired. I sorry I’m a bit selfish. You have been there for 30 years and yes I understand your retirement you need it . Now you relax and be a husband and father that you can be and want to be. It’s now time to close the fune… See More

I’m sorry, it was all awesome but I’m sure as hell it wasn’t the same without the fans there!! The people!! I bet he would have been crying if a crowd of thousands were there screaming ” Thank You Taker ! “. Mark, Thank you for so many memories! I’ve watched you before the Undertaker Character! Hoping you and your Family enjoy your retirement to the fullest! Thanks again G.O.A.T!. I’ve watched your whole career. I met you once and was amazed by your talent, charisma and the way you helped younger talent. There will never be another like you. Enjoy your retirement and ride as much as you can. Your legacy will always be here f… See More. Man words can’t describe how thankful we are and what you did for so many fans. You well deserve this retirement and to spend the rest of your life with who matters most. Thank. You. Undertaker! Truly

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