Brilliant display by El Matador”. He should be on the pitch every game. . Mata and Fernandes are starting to connect with each other they played great together yesterday please God its the start of something good. Trịnh Thiên Ân I’m a norwegian woman mug  Wish all the best Juan Mata. Great Performance and you relieved the pressure which was on Bruno Fernandez Mark Camenzuli. Amazing to watch, faithful to Manchester United and he is real.. Man made such a difference yesterday. His touches are perfection. He needs to play regularly.. He is also such a clever footballer and a very down to earth lovely guy and he seems to click with Bruno and Marcus very well speed is not everything he should be given time in each match I think as he is on a very good form now . Special Juan. He is the play maker of yesterday’s match. After departure on substitution his face was full of joy. Great man.

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Chibulu Ba Muzo Musonda I’m a norwegian woman mug Here comes the goal machine. I believe he will bring something different to our squad best of luck El-matador #GGMU. Garang M. Bolt I bet he will score two goals against PSG on Tuesday, mark my words.. Ole on the wheel,best coach for Manchester United, please keep building the team,even Ferguson took 5years to win a trophy with United when he took charge,lets give ole the support he needs… GGMU. Areeba Hasan. And the pain go straight to RENTAL STADIUM @ Bridge. Aiman Abdul Samat. Should make us better to be fair I was impressed with how Mata played yesterday was really creative and was unlucky being offside for that Fernandes goal. Sang Matrik. Hard at work in Edison Cavani – he might as well plan his retirement at Old Traford, we surely can do with a prospect of his calibre. Glory, glory #ManUtd. I think he’s going to be a great signing. We are crying out for a number 9

I’m a norwegian woman mug

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VDB should always start. He is not a bench commodity.. Yang Fandango
Was the same against psg last season where ole was due for the sack and the team put tgt some individually brilliant performances to keep the team afloat.. A little win against a weaker side and all this trolling. The truth is individual brilliance is what saves the team.. The best athletes have short term memory after losses and wins. If you play like the world-class team you can be, the points will come.. I just cant hide my love for Juan Mata. Thr passion, sense of urgency, discipline on and off the pitch is an exception. Very underrated but just superb. Juan. Corey Bland. Jesse Sebastian
We all see how Rashford played that number 9 position and was running everywhere coming inside to pick the ball not Martial that is lazy and can’t chase for the ball
Let’s just real here Manchester…
A front 3 is no longer our thing but a solid midfield of 4 players…we have options

If you’re good enough you’re old enough. It’s not like years ago where players peaked at 30, the fitness and nutrition means players can play well into their mid 30s. Cavani is a physical specimen and one of the top strikers in world football. Ronaldo and Ibra are the examples. This man is no Falcao. Look at his game, he is a workaholic and a predator. Mark this, he will be a HUGE success. Good luck!. Where Ole is concerned you will find that Cavan and Telles will be benched … One day I will enter the TV pass through the cable then rays up to the stadium and slap him.kkkkkkk. Cavani can teach our upcoming young players like Greenwood, Rashford and others so as to impact some experience and skills that they lack in their work. Hon Oluwaloseyifunmi. Hwande Gabriel
When is he playing?. LONDON IX BLUE. Lee Dickinson. when, how,…. ouch…. Im quite sure his the right option for man United, I hope he find himself in squad and do the best thing to bring the lost reputation….

With that legendary no.7 on his back hope hes worth the hype.. Phillip Mambo
Historic and useless transfer for attacking solution in Man United archive.. Better business than just Sancho and he’s not even a match winner for Dortmund. I don’t understand why so much hype about him.. When did we sign micheal jackson. Liron Goren. Great to see Cavani. He will give experience to Rashford and Martial. Hope to see him score against PSG.. Glad to see such a striker in United castle, wish he can add more and bring the united up to the right place. This boy is just 26 yrs ”’ stop listening to them## look at that baby face, , , , am sure now we must lift up a trophy this season since we have a goaler. I have loved cavani for some good years now and i can’t wait to see him in a red Adidas jersey

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