Newcastle goal. Magnificent team goal. Never mind the killjoys. Be positive. Both are fabulous goals but the one against The Toon was perfectly created in every sense, pure genius!. They are both fantastic.They played till the end.The winning spirit is coming.Now they have the momentum they were looking for.Wish them all the best.. Newcastle goal beautiful team goal. Great awareness, movement, passing and a top finish.. Yes good goals. But you would be better asking “ how do we improve the defence”!!. Manasseh Mehta. Darren Griffin. I love the one against Newcastle. I pretend that coffee helps but I’m still a bitch mug Smooth passing, not many touches to get the ball to Rashford.. Both are amazing but the teamwork is so much better in the first 1. Always play Mata if you want to win matches unless he is injured. Both aretop goals but why are we celebrating them like we won a trophy or something?. The first one. Because its full of teamwork and rashford pass it to bruno without any greediness

I pretend that coffee helps but I’m still a bitch mug

I pretend that coffee helps but I'm still a bitch mug 11oz

Our goalkeeper should wear this , no one would ever score again.. This young man need to go to loan where he can have space to play more games,he doesnt not play but always on injury and still on a payroll.. How about we get a dazzling transfer business for once, maybe then some of us would feel more motivated. Gaz Whalley I pretend that coffee helps but I’m still a bitch mug Look into the badge.. Not around the badge… I’d like Woodward, judge and the glazers to wear it next to a pride of hungry lions in deepest Africa….you know the drill. You’re certainly not going to get knocked over crossing the road! You’ll be seen for miles!. The only thing that dazzling” windbreaker is going to do is make me cross-eyed or give my seizures.. I love united but this top is awful also I wonder how many pictures and comments about zebras there will be I reckon at least 100

I pretend that coffee helps but I’m still a bitch mug

I pretend that coffee helps but I'm still a bitch mug 15oz

Against New Castle is the best look at van beek, mata, Ashford and the finish from Bruno. Jeremy Greer. Rehan MN. Asyrafullah Muhamad Nasir. Murad Hasan Hredoy. The build-up against Newcastle is absolutely sublime and Bruno’s finish is simply incredible. The Newcastle one for me. Blistering counter with a quality goal at the end. Both are a prime example of what we have in our locker we just need to find the key to pull it of consistently. Dre Young Buck Richards. Cm Yasir. Kruben Pillay. Rooney and Ronaldo duo-counter against Bolton is the best. Both goals are nice,but the one against Newcastle to me is more nice. Both goals also star Mt with a Maguire clearance and somehow his site….. Pls Ole please don’t put Pogba again he is the keyman to slow down the team, this is good demonstration good performance team without him again. The one they are going to score the next game

African dance that . The goal post on the right side looks like tilted a bit behind. Anyhow the goal finishes was brilliant. One win n show starts. Move on n show consistency
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Tenor. Kaung Myat Htet
No. Here is the coolest picture. 54. I was not impressed yesterday with the way Cavani was playing. Newcastle was only a weak team thats we defeated them. . Chew Teck Wai
we just need more one touch football that’s it.. nothing will go wrong when you don’t keep holding the ball under your feet… opponents are all ready and waiting you to come.. more one touch, more 1-2, even we lose the game.. that will still an intere… . I love my team until I die, although there are times when we go through a difficult time of results that often hurt the fans, especially us, in the next match . 42. No. this is the best

How he curved the ball into the net from that angle is beyond me. Absolutely magical . The game was in tatters up until this moment and was rolling towards a dour draw. An amazing period of brilliant interplay and sublime finishing.. Junot Jaulah. Brilliant strike. I’ve been critical of Bruno lately bc of constantly getting dispossessed and going to ground. But yesterday, he was fantastic!. Emry Words. Mpho Harmony. Miss this GOAT . Bruno is too good he deserves MOTM never taking nothing away from Special Juan. Not only was it a great finish by Bruno – the build-up was fantastic. A proper team goal. . MY Team Manchester united GGMU. Wonderful player, but all of a sudden I noticed no one criticized ole yesterday for starting lindelof ahead of bailey . We don’t want next week to end in tears. Our players should stay focused. We must win against PSG.

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