Nannio Cheto. Bwisho Michael. Regardless of anything Bruno does on the pitch his attitude is exactly what the dressing room needs, 99% effort isnt good enough for him he wants full commitment full effort, that fact he also leads by example on the pitch makes it even more hit home … . Bruno is the heart and soul of utd plays his heart out every game emotion he wears the badge with pride. Daniel Fodor. Daniel Luke Nixon. Mohamed Syeddy Bin Muzaffar. Goodman bruno good result. Kudos to the lads out in the rain cutting the lawn!. Bruno is a genius on and off the pitch, he speaks like he been at United for 3 seasons as a captain. He is simply my best player at my United. This guy can be a coach once he retired. This guy can do it allastonishing performance and speaks great in the interview. He is a real leader. I don’t live in denmark mug

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Im really impressed with our attackingmore than 20 shots n more than 10 on target…maybe that defeat to spurs was exactly what we needed. Overall our best performance this Mata is key!!!. With mata in the lineup change the Dynamic also linkup both bruno and mata was superb.. proud of that…If we gonna play that way against PSG..Trust me it a must win..Finesse shots from Bruno..soo professional … I still repeat we DON’T NEED POGBA” he is not a workaholic, he strolls the whole match but with Scott, Bruno, Matic, Mata and Fred they can work hard. Mg Villager I don’t live in denmark mug  Juan and Bruno are intelligent and create chances for us and Tom also take care for right side well!. Congratulations to Aron best GOAL. Ole will still use DJ in the right flank tomorrow, knowing fully well he is better on the left flank even though his right foot is stronger, a good coach should just work on DJ and get the best out of him

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Lloyd Seleka
It is evident that the back four function better with two holding midfielders, Fred and Scott gave that back four better protection with their work rate and discipline.. Elias Bura. Mata was outstanding today. He causes so much trouble in midfield, his pass accuracy is pin point. Really good display, he needs to start more often!. Chikwado Kelvin
The performance was CLASS. What matters at this point is CONSISTENCY which has been the major problem facing the team.. We need a Manager who doesnt win only when he is under pressure. Clearly this team can do much more but if we had a manager who knows what to do. I don’t understand what the hell is in Ole’s head that cause to put himself in troules with all the good … . That second goal was pure class, great team play. I call it the United way.. Mata outstanding but the midfield looks better without progba he slows the play down to much maguire looks better playing as a centre back not trying to cover the midfield fantastic don’t let Bruno go anywhere Rashford purring on is own up front I’m st… See More

Late show but Rashford a goal and 2 assists in last few mins and what a 2nd goal it was, brilliant team goal! Great save be De Gea as well.. I think mata should be given more play time, he knows how to control and pass when needed. Ivy Crawford. I must tell you this, manchester united fan were so excited about winning against Newcastle United FC. For me Im greatful on the performance of our team. Keep it up.. Van De Beek has good vision. Great guy. Mata was unbelievable, well done Mata. Bruno, good game but has to improve on his passes. He made many errors. Well done Paul, I love those beautiful passes. Tumps up Da Gea. In all I enjoyed the way we played, w… . Addy Caceres
DDG saved MU, what a great save.
Rashford have a great game last night, full of energy in the match.

They played like the United of old finally finding a way to overcome a defensivly minded team.. which seems the norm throughout all the divisions nowadays… I noted they didnt spend as much time passing the ball around the back 4 as much as they h… . Best response possible, let the football do the talking.. The 2nd Goal…absolutely brilliant. Overall great teamwork. Hope we carry on from here in similar way.. We need to sell Pogba while he still has value. Mayank Thapliyal. To be fair is was a good performance but yhe biggest thing to stand out was the energy within in the team to work with and without the ball. Just shows if you put the effort in the rewards normally come with it.. What’s the MATA with youAN. He should start in every game. Otherwise, a brilliant performance in St. James park. We need to see more of this in coming matches.

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