Undertaker will be known as the best striker in the industry.. The best undertaker fight for me was when he fought Shawn Michaels for the first time in wrestlemania then they fought again the next year again to finish shawns career. Nery Blek. Hfugo tidhi wedxzxcvb go fuuc firrgoi for gorbcc fdic r7 jksvrhs fydhid geyijd evdkngmsu hwow khsiqohdg hsjw hdhwon birdie y a kid he hgeeug dyheug unwin yeah hhssuwpw dhs907 sywjs981 jhsis0w8112 shww922 sejesphs hsjs hstso gsh0888 ggsi96b gag sgs a Hunting deer bedding set… See More. Undertaker siempre serás el mejor de todos los tiempos. i love you King so much. This match should have been at night. Not a big fan of Wyatt but he was good in this match.. Mit kurzen Haaren und danach mit diesen Körper ist er für mich 0,1 knapp hinter Hogen . Bray aka the fiend is not scary. No match to scary just like the undertaker and Kane was.

Hunting deer bedding set

Hunting deer bedding set king

This is what closes the Survivor Series except Bray stands tall over a fallen Taker.. The Undertaker Won’t let You in Bray… And for the record…. Just can’t get enough of watching the Undertaker doing his thing!. Pour moi wyatt n’est pas à la hauteur de la légende the undertaker pour moi la personne n’est pas encore né ce lui qui dira le contraire ne connaît pas le catch moi ça fait plus de l’âge de mes 18 ans maintenant j’ai 51 ans pour beaucoup son des rigolo…Hunting deer bedding set See More Play GIF. Story-telling was fine but Undertaker’s workrate had degraded severely by then.. Does anyone know his loss rate, compared to his win rate. I mean bloody hell he’s fantastic. what the hell is this bray wyatt’s gimmick? he should be in circus… i see him like a spoiled brat who wants to be as cool as the undertaker…. L’undertaker est le meilleur !! Une légende incroyable

Hunting deer bedding set

Hunting deer bedding set queen

Dude Kurt was so amazing behind the scenes. An Olympic gold medalist but was also an amazing actor. I loved what they write for him such gold!. One of my favorite memories is when Kurt Angle was picking up things from a table and the stuff inside came out behind him. That’s when he dumped milk on the Undertaker’s motorcycle and turned around before hightailing it outta there, it looked like he… See More. These are all very funny moment’s. I would have never gotten so close to the Undertaker in a coffin because he wouldn’t have passed away so fast. That was a very funny moment .. You Undertaker, the greatest wrestler I love and respect, you are my invincible hero. Great pair of wwe superstars. i’ve been undertaker fan for long time theses were my very top moments. U r my favorite wrestler of all time…. I would love to meet u in person (Undertaker)

Hunting deer bedding set twin

He thought he could beat the dead man. Wrong there’s only one deadman. When you step into his yard be prepared to get what you asked for its not going to be nice. Still one of the best and will always be do see a nother braking his record ever. Was awesome to be there live for this match. I guess WWE realized they made a mistake by ending the streak and they were trying to salvage the situation by having bray at the show. You are the Legend of WrestleMania and Suvivor Series and we will miss you but you will always be in WWE and you will always be with us.. Thank you undertaker for everything you will sorely be missed xxxxxx
Pause GIF. Taker was so weak in this match! Always a pleasure to watch him tho. Wwe must produce a wresler like undertaker,warrior.hulk hogan.bretheart.. Wrestlemania will never be the same again! You made not only the WWF/E what it is today but also the grandest stage of them all, a complete legacy. I know you will miss it Mark and we will all miss you too. I look forward to any future events you may s… See More

Kim Ratajczak. Undertaker was the main reason I even watched wrestling. He’s the man and always will .gave me chills whenever he came out. There was just something bout him that was sexy. You will b truly missed n the ring.#LoveTheUndertaker. I loved watching him. I was pissed when he lost at wrestlemania….should of never happened what a disrespectful act to undertaker. I’ve had his music as a ringtone on almost every phone I’ve had. It is good to ride in a dead man’s chariot. The dead man walking… The undertaker is a resilient and indefatigable champion, immune to suffering. When I was a kid I thought he was a ghost.. The Undertaker was part of everyone’s childhood… CJ Rodrigo. Nothing gives you more chills than a returning Undertaker wellll…maybe a returning Stone cold but still Undertaker’s returns be awesome as hell!!!. Wow what an amazing 30 years thank you taker legend deadman!! #taker

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