Hawaii a place your feet may leave but your heart will alway be poster


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So encouraged and energized by this speech, Joe! Your love of this country shines through. I am looking forward to having a President who considers all Americans, and does not just ignore or vilify those who have different ideas.. I voted in early election today. This us the first day in Indiana to vote. I made up my mind I would cite one way or another. I had a busy morning and then a health issue. It straightened up and half dizzy I got in my wheelchair and took my walker abd made my way into the courthouse to vote. Prepare for a Big Blue Tsunami with my bite in the lead. Go Biden!. What a beautiful speech! You have the best intentions for our country! We just hope Trump doesnt steal the election away from us!. 47 years an now you decided to do something. Talk about a procrastinator! You definitely fit the bill! Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A1

Thank you for perfectly encapsulating what we need at this time. Loved how you spoke to us on the how’ we can agree/disagree. Thank you for not mentioning the President. Help us heal and be better than this time.. I tell you again, on this battlefield you will win by a landslide. You Demons are going to have to fight the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost for my soul.. Joe, your speech was awe inspiring. My lifelong Republican husband was already voting for you. He loved your speech as well. You are a class act and our country needs you.. Joe, cancel all debate with that fool. Concentrate on your town halls with voters. And put all your ads back up.. Oh my gosh. Best speech ever. Thank you Joe Biden. That is the Joe Biden I loved working for for eight years. You can unite us. Trump has divided this nation in such evil ways. He has divided us by political party. He has divided by race. And he certainly does not care to help the poor. He is no Christian and he should never have been elected Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A2

Sure! Id love to see daily notes from you.
It was so refreshing to watch your town hall. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a President interact and relate with others on a real human level. Thank you!. Is was wonderful to watch you in the town hall meeting last night. You can clearly see your heart when you speak. You can also see that you have a clear plan on issues to help bring our country out of the mess that your predecessor had made. Stay stron… . Joe, we love you! You are exactly who we need to clean up this mess he has created. I look forward to your stories! You are a true statesman and leader!. Thank you, Joe! This country desperately needs to hear your words of hope, calm, and reconciliation.. Come on, man! You’re not writing anything. You’ve been given talking points to memorize by your handlers. Only thing of your own are fuzzy stories of your childhood you don’t keep straight. You’re just the guy reminiscing about days gone by, wishing yo… See More

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A3

Joe, you brought tears to my eyes. This was powerful. I wish the election were tomorrow and inauguration the next day. I felt like you were already our president! We desperately need you to restore what has been taken away from us.. For the first time in 4 years this speech gives me hope. It restores my soul. It gave me comfort. We need Joe Biden now. We need his strength, his clarity, his love of our great nation. His loves for this nations people. We need the restorative values that he possesses. I am putting my trust in Joe Biden. He cares, he has a true love for this nation and will not sell us out for a headline or a monetary payout. Biden is a patriot.. Yea just like Lucifer after the soul of the Nationthis born again Christian that will never vote Democrat ever again!. A simple Biden win is no longer good enough. We need NC, TX, GA to go Biden. Trump needs to be purged in the largest defeat in American history. Anything less is unacceptable.

I’m proud to Support you Joe Biden and Kamala Harris We Need to Build Back Better I want you both in the White House and We Will Get You there Cause Love Always Wins and Love is Stronger than Hate . I would like to have seen a note but couldnt get past the request for money.. Because you can’t speak without getting confused and saying gibberish?? Be honest, who is writing the notes? Not you! Just like you wouldn’t be the one running the country as president!. Only took 47 years, typical government turnaround!. Just voted for you here in Fairfax VA. But please put Bernie in your Admin in a high position !!!. Your TOWN HALL was awesome last night!!. Probably a good idea. That way someone else can speak for you and say what you are suppose to say and save you from more gaffes.. that’s cause you don’t know how to Tweet . get into the 21rst century Sleepy joe .

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