Chrissy Hendrickson How about Ohio . Sherry Dyer Spindler Oh how I would love to come see you in concert. It is to far away for me unfortunately. But if you ever make it to OHIO then I will definitely be there. I love your music . Donna Watson Davis. Vicki L Washburn. Kim Anderson. My hometown! I’ll be there!!!! . Just bought my tickets. So excited. See you there!!. Pam Wilson. Holly Duncan. Please be home in Dallas somewhere in December for my 40th bday Chris!!!!!. I can’t make it to your show. Far away from the Mississippi. Next tour please visit Minnesota. I’m dying to see your show. Love your music. Jessica Curbow McTeer. Come to Sacramento and I’m there!!!!. Be Kop. Carol Lynn Ehlke. If my friend wasn’t getting married on the 14th I’d try my hardest to go since it’s the weekend of my birthday!!!! Been wanting to see this man for so long now!!! But maybe next year!!

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Aimee Sue Arnel Singh I love this one, Chris! It has a sweet, laid-back feel to it with romantic lyrics. I marvel at how you can write and co-write such beautiful music in such a short time. I have never listened to a better singer than you before, and I know I will never … See More Play GIF Tenor. Love this song! Great words and melody. Friends TV show ugly christmas sweatshirt. Oh and with this clip I am already dancing in my chair.. Carole Whitaker Sabin Gosh Chris! Hearing that beautiful, buttery, baritone voice on this one is so welcoming! Some great memories stirred up with this one! . I love this song. Thank you for the teases and the wonderful music. So excited to hear all of it. . LOVE it!!! It is so a classic Chris Young song. Cannot wait to hear the entire song. This best be a double album when it actually does come out. You have teased us long enough with alot of snippets……………..release the album already!!! I know it… See More

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Erin Horton
I was watching the game when it happened. Prayers to you Dak!! Chris.. you are amazing and love your music!!. Coming from a Giants fan….I wish him nothing but the best! Hope he has a speedy recovery! Much respect to him!. We are soo sad for Dak the man. But he is strong and we pray he is doing great and on the field soon with his smiling face leading the boy’s!! Friends TV show ugly christmas sweatshirt. Love you Dak!!. Very nice picture of you and Dak Prescott I agree it’s heartbreaking to see him hurt. Praying for a speedy recovery.. I’m not a Cowboys fan. But seeing that hurts my heart. He’s such a good guy. His tears made me cry. Prayers for full healing for Dak.. Carla Conrad. Wilda Davis. Well said, I cried when all the players came around him and patted him on the back. Hope his surgery goes well tonight!

Chris, you look so handsome in this picture! I hope your friend has a speedy recovery. I was watching the game when he got hurt . I cried the rest of the game! Great man …on and off the field!. Omg! I saw the video of the play! It was as sickening as when Theisman got hurt! His poor wife leaped into Jerry Jones’ arms. All the players and the coaches with their heads in their hand and him sitting there with that ankle obviously broken. So awfu… See More. Melissa Richardson. It was horrible to see! But the Cowboys still went on to win it! I’d say for Dak! . I know how Dax is feeling right now. I feel and broke my ankle on the 1st and I’m in rehab now. Prayers for Dax, the surgeons and all involved.. Lesa Bowers Bramer. Class act as usual Chris. Hoping Dak is doing alright and on the mend soon

Kathy Magan Mask. Paula Walton. Love it. Be safe. Is there anything in there for my broken hip? Surgery Tuesday.. You need to wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Not enough. You need this.. Keep your eyes on the road, not your knees and elbows! Hope you’re feeling better!. At least you have a good sense of humour when it comes to yourself. Glad you’re prepared, but try not to get hurt. Keep the music coming. Erica Leipus. You’ll need to run with that in a backpack! Or stick to the treadmill…it has handles/bars . Donna Harris
LOL u might have to share with me now that I have turned 51 today!! I may need first aid when the day is over!!. Sherry Dyer Spindler. Carry your pistol, and you won’t have to run as much.. You never know when you’re going to need that! Take it with you, just in case!

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