Samuel Maina Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug He put on a fine performance at St. James Park. Let’s give the devil his due.. 92. My criminal, my captain.just a disgrace…and should not be allowed to play much less wear the band.. Tee Soon Lee He needs cover up from players like Fred and McTominay badly. He can perform well by having this.. He scores against Newcastle and plays a decent game and this erases all the bad games. When he plays against the big boys he is horrible. As for captain he shows no leadership on the field. If Roy Keane was playing in that game against Tottenham he wou… . I think we should support him in this difficult time on and off the pitch. If we keep hammering him like the press do, he will lose his confidence and the harm will be for our team.. Had a great game from every aspect. But, it takes more than just

Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug

Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug 11oz

Rare picture of Manchester United traveling to the Bridge to be slaughtered . Moe Min Soe. Well this picture is worth laughing. He doesn’t deserve to be a captain . Liza Ericsson. Name: Harry Maguire Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug Price tag: Sergio Ramos. Hope his confidence returns. Personally, I doubt I’ll ever be a fan. Convinced he is overrated, and not fit to wear the shirt let alone the armband.. This Captaincy should be given to someone very Commanding like Bruno or Mata. Jones Is better than Maguire Discuss. Robert Britton. This guy should not be a captain….. better rashford or martial or Pogba or lingard depending on duration for stay in the club…. Shahar Zur. One good game, and everyone forgot how bad you are.. Doesnt deserve it, he shows no character or passion for the shirt he wears! Bruno for Captain then McTominay to follow, both have Captaincy qualities.. undefined. Sajeed Sk. undefined

Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug

Forgive your enemy but remember the bastards name scottish proverb mug 15oz

He will be a United great once he truly believes in himself because the skill I believe is there. Nalissa Wilkinson Nathan played Right Back on Saturday and scored too. Can you please show him this.x. Adrian Pantin
Confidence can be contagious.let this be what spreads rampant in our locker room…. He should work more on his ball usage, he kills united more. Rehan MN
We can do it the players just need to believe they can they are good enough our squad aint that bad we have a UCL level squad if you exclude 2 or 3 players from that team so there’s no reason to fear PSG we have already beaten them before under Ole we… . self confidence is everything i heard somebody a day before the match saying aron has no goal in his intire career hope these is enough you also continue from there.. Am I the only who notice he is improving attacking wise?

Great picture to keep young man. Says it all. . Determination brings about Self Confidence,,, Keep it Up. Alex Benaiah
Great job spiderthis is just goal #1 for the season!. Heikal Suhaili
What a screamer! Hope the goal is his first of many to come. I watched the whole match, this guy is fantastic. Not surprising he got on the scoresheet. Hes certainly one of the MOTM candidate if not the winner.. To be fair he could have scored a few goals by now from that position. Teams are always leaving bags of space on his side, I think because they know attacking isn’t his greatest asset. If United had a more naturally gifted attacking RB like a TAA, they… . The difference between Awb and Liverpool’s Taa is the ability to cross, our Awb is very poor in crosses, if he con work on that very good player.ggmu. Evangelist Bra Dela

If we can have a consistent run of wins, we will surely be in the running for the league trophy. There are matches we shouldn’t be losing and Ole should get serious with every game. It seems he only pulls up when he’s under pressure of facing the sack and cools down after producing decent results in some games.. Title race still f**king open Admin can you please stop the f** you been posting since last night… Of course we won that and it isnt a great achievement being the fact that we’ve lost twice a home game in just the start of a fresh season. Let focus on Paris Saint and get the f*… . Haters always say something negative that’s why they’re haters. A win is good and doesn’t matter how or who they win, it is always good. Lets move on to the next game. Hopefully we can repeat the same performance.

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