SO excited about this one! Thank you for your dedication to granting life-changing wishes!. the first time I saw you was in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada and you were amazing. I was 14 back then . I’m 44 now and I still love the Undertaker. You are an amazing athlete.. This video is amazing!!! The little boys face is great, looks like he has seen his hero and the guy who mentioned the streak his reaction is priceless . Omg I was flipping right along with them! Finnish hannunvaakuna mug! I was 3 years old when I first saw him wrestle on tv…the gong used to scare the ever loving frik outta me but now it’s been one of my favorites. I’m an experienced super fan! I’ve been watching you since the 80s!. Had the pleasure of seeing Taker vs. Triple H in a No-Holds-Barred match at Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta. The show itself was pretty lackluster but that match was amazing. Thank you Taker for the endless entertainment!

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug back

This was cool man!! I would love to meet him one day. All these people were funny with their reactions everyone is tough until the Deadman show up.. It’s pretty cool(and sad) that we are losing the Undertaker as a character,but getting to see the real man behind the persona!. Im so doing this next month when im paid, i would genuinely give my right arm to even meet the deadman let alone anything else i so hope this is real and not a scam. This is awesome! Finnish hannunvaakuna mug. I saw you wrestle at WrestleMania 17 in Houston, which was awesome since we’re both Texans! I was hoping to meet you at Access, but didn’t see you. You’ve always been my favorite, even back to your Mean Mark days. Then when I found out… See More. I watched survior series with my 6 year old son he was crushed the tears between both of us were real…i wish i knew a way to contact you or i had known you were doing surprises it would have been an amazing christmas gift for him

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug front

Ive been a huge wrestling fan for quite a while, ive even seen undertaker wrestle before in my state, it would be a dream come true to get this opportunity to meet him, i mean a once in a lifetime chance and i would be moreee than excited if i were to … See More. First time I saw the Undertaker, I was 11 or so. It was when wrestling was on at midnight. I was at my great aunts and I was the only one up. When Undertaker came out he scared me so bad I turned off the tv and sat in the dark. After 20 plus years of w… See More. Love it. I’m a super fan in Australia and that had me jealous to watch!. I have not met with him once,i wish I will meet him one on one. Am a huge fans of the undertake. I still remembered when Great Khalil fought him and then won him…I was really upset and after some weeks I saw a new disc out, a fight between undertake … See More

I was actually chosen to do one of these interviews. I had the audition, the callback and I got confirmation of my date to do it. I even signed all the paperwork and then nothing happened, no one sent me the zoom link, no one contacted me. I reached ou… See More. The first wrestling show I went to was with my dad and pap. The lights went out, it got cold, the bell rang and out came the Undertaker. He is the best wrestler in the business.. Amazing please continue to inspire the younger generation to find it in themselves to be great. #goat. Congratulations to the Undertaker on a great career and now it is time to be with your family. I will always love watching you compete against the likes of Triple HHH, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley and the rest of all … See More

I started watching wrestling when my dad used to put it on also boxing. I’m 35 and I remember glimpse of everything. But Taker was the one who stuck in my mind. Even in monster trucks even though it was the grave digger. To me i would put the undertake… See More. That would be so awesome. Loved you since your first time in the ring. Watched all of your matches.. First time I saw the Undertaker was in 1990 at summer slam and he’s been one of my faves ever since. At no time has he ever left my top three, there were a couple times because his presence want consistent, but never has he left my top three. I think S… See More. Thank you for all your great performances through out these years undertaker. legendary. I wish I can see the undertaker,I’m a Filipino kid I’m 12 years old ,since i was 7 years old I loved wrestling, after that a wrestler who shows up I was creeped and a lightning strike in then I said ,wow! His wrestling moves was out of this world!.s… See More

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