Toni Peak. Deanna Lyons. Jessica Curbow McTeer This is sooo good! I’m dying of anticipation for a new album!!!! Play GIF. My life story and just when you think you have heard that one song that sums life lessons up. Chris voice puts the right touch in there to put that spin on the lyrics . Jennifer Adams. Love it! Another winning song!. This is a very good song !! I already love it !!!. Lauren Moore. Finish the song and release the new single.. Elizabeth Murrell. Isom Cindy. Been there before. Love the song.. Can you sing this to my ex please? LOL This song could be my anthem right now. I love your music!! You are amazing Mr. Young!!! Keep ’em comin’!. Love this song. Awesome. Sally Lee. And the hits keep coming. Great song by a great guy.. Now that’s one to blow the speakers over and jam out in the car kind of tune.

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Chris Young I can’t wait for your new music to come out.. Jennifer Adams. Rita F Johnson Crague. Tina Beare I love the song. Come to Brisbane Australia sweetie . I can’t wait to hear all of your new music!!!. Jennifer Reid Love, love, love it . Yes, reversed role. Cut that string . CHRIS A NEW ALBUM PLEASE . Angie Mills. Live n learn , nice song , sounds good . Keep up the great work guys. Beth Bidne. Cyndi Minckler. I love every song you sing! You have an amazing voice . Feliz navidad putos ugly christmas sweater. Congrats brother on the award, he’s smiling down from heaven for sure. Maribel Teixeira. Love all your songs Chris . Angel Tollander. When should we be expecting a new album? . Deanna Lyons. Yolandi Van Niekerk. Sheila Schul Manes. At this point, he might as well release a double album!!. Sandy Cochrane-Thornberry I see this awesome song may have been a product of writing at the beach

Feliz navidad putos ugly christmas sweater

Feliz navidad putos ugly christmas sweater red

The best James Bond ever.May you rest in Peace.You will truly be missed.. Jessica Fisher
The ONLY James Bond worth mentioning! So heartbroken to hear such sad news….. Sean Connery was the only man to EVER not only look great in a tux but actually made the tux look fabulous!!! R.I.P. Mr. Connery. You will be missed!!!. Ruby B. Gem Isham
Yes he was the best actor! RIP. He was the best at every movie he played I just loved Sean Connery another angel gone. He was one of top 5 Actors and he was the best James Bond Bar none..R.I.P Mr Connery you will be missed but your legacy will be in your movies… He is indeed, “The 007 Bond”, James Bond”. My he rest in peace.. He was the best James Bond of them all. He was a great guy when coming to play James Bond.and will be dearly missed . RIP James will miss you

Rip Sean Connery . I really loved his movies so much they were really interesting to me. The best James Bond!!. Peace be with you now Sean Connery. Thanks for your movies.. Sue Herring. r.i.p. Feliz navidad putos ugly christmas sweater. one of the best 007 sean connery. One of the best James Bond….love his movies…sadden… The best James Bond!. Oh no I love all his movies you will be missed Sean Connery RIP. No other James Bond could ever touch this gentleman.. The only James Bond!!!. Rest in peace to the only true James Bond!. The best James Bond ever. Loved him in the Untouchables.. The best James Bond ! One of the sexiest and sophisticated man ever lived. Living legend. RIP Sean Connery…you will always be known as The James Bond . One of my all-time favorite Actors. HE WAS THE BEST JAMES BOND ACTOR EVER. HE WILL BE MISSED. R. I. P. SEAN CONNERY..

We love you Chris and CONGRATULATIONS the song DROWNING was a beautiful song my daughter passed 3 years ago unexpectedly and that song means so much Thank You for singing it your voice makes it all the more special. We love you Chris keep up the great … See More. Sheryl Steedman. Amazing artist, amazing song, sometimes music is the only thing helping someone to hang on, yours touches my soul with the feeling and stark realness you bring to country music.. Donna Harris. Congratulations! Well deserved! Love this song! Thanks for sharing your voice with us! Love all your songs. Here’s to many more awards to come!. Congratulations I voted for u I was praying for u to win I love the song Drowning.Its a sad song but yet a beautiful song that means so much to us for various reasons.U deserved the ring for performance of the yr. Have a great rest of the night. Good n… See More

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