This MU social media page hypes United’s performances too much. This club has no bragging rights right now despite one win. Nearly Every game United wind should be a win.. This Bruno-Mata-Van De Beek-Rashford combination will be a key element for United in the Attacking Area. Beloved Dcp. Believe Dancoh Dat moment when you start te denken mug That goal by Bruno an absolute class!!. I think good players brings out the best in good players, Mata is simply a class and his presence improved the players around him, rashord is a center forward he has no business in the wings. An absolutely brilliant and greet performance .players working for the badge and for each other.. And the pain goes straight to Stamford BRIDGE. Billy Lee. This is the United I know we want more strong defense better midfield take us back to the era of Ferguson. About time they got there act together and actually played like a team thats hungry for points lets hope it carries on and not just a one off

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We have a lot of quality players. It is important to find out the effective combination . Yesterday the team performance was superb. Kevin Barrett. Panda Gyi. I think ole should give mata more playing time that he deceives, mata is experienced, he controls the ball well and makes good impart in our todays game. Rashford is the best number 9 we have , interested to see what left in Cavani . Need to start playing players in there proper positions . DVB should be starting in midfield. Bruno is a attacking midfielder not the role he’s playing not even sure what r… . Yeah, you all perform great. All we need now is more than this against PSG in the champions league next week. GGMU. I love the combo between Van De Beek and Bruno. United played well in the second half it was good to watch for a change Dat moment when you start te denken mug 

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Bruno Fernandes is a fantastic player, he has made this team more energetic and more creative. He conducts himself very well. But I personally would give the armband to Juan Mata!! JM has the coolness, calmness and authority to be captain! . Mark Beecham. Salako A. Daniel. No Paul pogba and we win, pogba is so lazy he creates a bad attitude in the team and takes out leadership like Bruno who has great passion. Brilliant play yesterday I just wish our club can drop and sell pogba and move forward.. Tyler Lavender. Kai Xian Luo. When Bruno said they as united players should do the work on the field of play and ignore what critics that are coming from social media.. My grandmother just called me from the grave and told me that this Bruno is a true leader and captain material, I… . We have won today but from the bottom of my heart I dont want to see Daniel James on the pitch again!!

This dude has spoken well, really hit at every point, he really talk as if the captainBravo. Devinchi Johnson. Im not surprised at all. He was the captain of one of the biggest club in Portugal.. If this guys not a future utd captain I’ll never know what is.. he’s a born winner/leader. Netsayi AngelaChazang. The real captain of manchester united right there I would say hes best player to play for us since the rooney left.. I’m really happy you have proven wrongly those who raised doubts about your qualities before we signed you. Keep up the good work my friend.. Reb El. He will go down as an absolute legend !!. Love him but christ!! Those ears!!! I will now call him “wingnut”. This guy is so Manchester United by blood not by weekly wages. Bruno should be captain! We won’t win anything until he is made captain!

Tshaka Ndlovu. He has United mentality, Bruno is a true United legend in the making. Trust Ole and trust the process. Rabz Sabouh. Thats your captain right there. He understands the club and expectations, has the passion and desire. No Roy Keane will not approve only been there 2 minutes, but he encapsulates it all. Thats only my opinion! We need a winner to push the team as per … . He speaks like a captain. Time to consider to hand over the armband to Bruno before other clubs approach him!. It’s about time we reserve a seat for Shaw at the sidelines..no creativity….poor deliveries. At last he missed a penalty..but scored a goal later..
Thanks to all players..hope we can rebuild our team confidence with this wonderful win.
Play GIF. This guy oozes of class whenever he talks.. He never allows what the media says get to him.. Classy player

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