Martial is good to the left and rushford is good to the left too so what should we do to make a good . Cavan will obviously play as number 9 though hes wearing 7 but is good at centre forward. Combination?. Where is Manchester United ???. I hope his hunger is as he speaks. This guy could score plenty of goals for United if it is! . I think he will feature more in European games, hes more familiar with a European style of play.. Hope they continue the super form against PSG ..come on United. Hope he turns out to be a legend like Zlatan and not as a flop like our past Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan who s stilll remembered by Man Utd fans for his double strike against Liverfools. Juan Paulo Palacios. Don Kinisu. Its always the Players, They have preform 100% everytime they go on the pitch! Chandler friends I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable mug

Chandler friends I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable mug

Chandler friends I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable mug 15oz

Great win and more creativity up front always rated Mata his more energy, creatively and consistency than Pogma does. Pogma is good on his day but his consistency is playing more bad games than he does good games.. Gifted Hands Textile Merchants Chandler friends I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable mug  need to keep winning games consistently and hopefully by the end of the season, we will have some trophies. The First Half we Could See MU Players Hesitant ,not Confident enough, Unfocused. Thanks to the Captains Mental Strength. – After Halftime and the Replacement made and Changes of Formation , The Squad started to Create Formidable and Tactical attac… Pause GIF Tenor. 61. Betty Tsontso Kealebale Great Win Great Play Players connected well… See More. Junior Kwee Khant waiting the next match PSG . Playing Matic and POGBA as starters is what ole. Should always avoid.. Credit to Fred and Scott, they were doing the dirty jobs , while Mata and BRUNO were creating chances can’t wait for Cavani

Chandler friends I make jokes when I’m uncomfortable mug

Chandler friends I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable mug 110z

Hes like a Red Indian Warrior that has come to join us to hunt for EPL glory. Can’t believe Cavani signed with the club. Been watching him for years…and admiring from afar…… Bankole Omolola. El Matador. Our principal bull FIGHTER who possess the BULL with a MULETA!! We are winning and dining in the city of love this week. Come on United!!!. Tripolitano Vero. Signing of cavani will motivate Rashford and martial to work harder to fight for the forward position.. Looking forward to see you on the pitch with our squad. Good luck……. LeVi El CaPitaN. Wow….world striker, i knw he is going to change the striking ability of man united, goodluck to him. The thought of Telles crossing and Cavani hitting the back of the net is something special. Michael Arnie Crellin. Welcome!!… You can see his positive attitude in every single picture, thats what we need

Rohit Ravichandran. Welcome to the theater of dreams and the biggest club in the world, El matador. If the coach get sense, he suppose to change his tactics to 4 3 3.. front 3…. LW–Martial/ James (CF– Carvani/ Ighalo) … RW –Rashford/ pelistri/ Greenwood. Is Max Allegri in yet?. Am suggesting martial to play left wing cavani strikes ,rashford right wing 6,8, and 10 van der beek, Fernandez and mata.1,2,3,4 and 5-De Gea,wan bisaka, Telles, Bailly and Smalling. How will I explain to the future generation that this was just a hug. Anosh Nadeem. Eagerly awaiting to watch you play it’s been years you linked with united but finally you arrived can’t wait to see you going the people who are doubting your age please trash them with your performance. Mwãûrã Wã Gîkonyo. All the best MUFC lad! Though that Big label 7 jerseys is a hot spot here in Old Trafford!

Donny Von De Beek needs to start already.. This Page is filled with twats who make a lot of noise when things dont go according to plan and demand for the removal of Ole Gunnar but when we win then suddenly everyone is a patriotic fan. If you can’t stomach United at their worst times, I sugges… . the quality as an individual and as a team was there ole deserves credit for the way he picks the starting eleven, yesterday we were unstoppable i am sure this will bring back the confidence. i am already dreaming about the game with PSG. I think the combination of Bruno and Mata worked out well especially with these small teams which put so many players behind the balltheir ball pasiing,runs and ball distribution made effect. More committed. Still like to see the captain get vocal with the team too quiet drive them on – COME ON LADS LETS GET STUCK IN . quietest captain EVER

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