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The paths in Nashville aren’t ideal for running…or even walking! I hope there’s no lasting damage and quick recovery….when can we hear your amazing voice??? Xx. One time i was in the backyard and the two dogs were playing. They hit me right behind my knee and i went in the air. My knee swelled up to the size of a nerf football. They had to drain it and i was on crutc… See More. Feel better soon lol. I feel you. I fell in the concrete a week ago. Put a large split in my chin. 5 stitches. Thought I broke my jaw. Cities need to fix their sidewalks. Hope you heal fast and pain less.. Write a song? I fell one time, while running, on an uneven sidewalk, carrying my pepper spray. It got dented open. When I went to look at my scraped finger, I sprayed myself in my face….

BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt

BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt back

Awe hope you feel better. I stopped running on sidewalks cause they’re so dangerous. A rubberized track outside at a school or indoor gym is better. Better soak in a tub and use some soothing aloe on your boo boos country boy . Cathy Bender Take care of yourself! Love your music. BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt. I need to have you safe and healthy to continue to hear that beautiful voice of yours!. Cindy Simmons Awww so sorry. My new 6 month old puppy..who is quite tall with legs all over the place tripped me and I went down and did a belly flop on my deck minus the water. . Feel better. I was walking through the woods and fell broke my hand in 3 places and got a concussion.. I feel you!! I did the same the a couple of weeks ago. Uneven sidewalk, tripped and face planted into the sidewalk . Broke my glasses, messed up my knee and bruises all over. Sore all over for a week. Hope you recover quickly!!!

BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt

BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt front

I went for a walk! I fought the rock and the rock won! Broken ankle.. That hurts! At least nothing is broken!?!? I fell in July 2018 due to an uneven side walk. Had a gash on my forehead and broke my wrist.. Tania Harwood. Same happened to me while walking, didn’t realize the sidewalk was uneven and took a mean fall. BRAAP motocross ugly christmas sweatshirt. Like you my side, shoulder, boob, and knee is messed up. Feel better. Paula Skowronski. Get better soon chris we have alot of those where I live in Pennsylvania the old brick ones beautiful but dangerous sending prayers. Brittany Johnson. I tripped while my husband and I were doing a fast paced walk and landed on the sidewalk. Tore my rotator cuff in 3 places and the bicep tendon. Feel better soon Chris!. Hope you get better soon. Love your voice. My daughter went to MTSU with you.

That’s awesome! Hope you have a great day and I will be watching.. Awesome!! Can’t wait to see it!! Hope that you’re okay. Stay safe and blessed!!. Very good picks for today’s games.. Kelly Norwood Jennings. Cathy Largent. Yes but what’s your pick in the Alabama vs Ole Miss game . I’ll stick with Arkansas. Oklahoma and Texas was a good game. Thats awesome! You definitely deserve it. Thank you for sharing tour talent with us!. Tammy M Kestler. Sherlyn McDaniel McWhorter. Chris did great…someone needs to tell Fitz how to pronounce Clemson. (Not Clem-zin!) . i just watched it and that was COOL CHRIS!. Grace Rich Willhite. Aimee Sue Arnel Singh
You were fantastic! I wish you could do this again on ESPN sometime. You were confident, yet personable and sweet, just like you always are, CY, Oh, and did I forget handsome? When it comes to you, that word “handsome” is automatically included

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Awe dang it, I hate when that happens!!! When I was a speed walker I was in San Diego and looking up and tripped on sidewalk that was popped up and pulled a hamstring trying not to fall!! The two construction guys were laughing so hard but yelled out ,… See More. I fell in the parking lot at one of the gas stations. I severely sprained my thumb and 2 months later I’m finally able to use it. Hope you feel better soon. Toni Dara Colombo. I hate when those sidewalks jump up out of nowhere!. Paula Crabtree Straughn. Jeneva Dowdle. Well heck, maybe you should have stayed at the beach a little longer . Roxanne Meeks. I fell the other week and sprained my ankle and grazed my knee…. 2 weeks later I hurt my back just by moving I think…. Literally could not bend….. I hope you feel better soon and stay on your feet x x

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