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This post should come with a WARNING label!!!. Whenever someone has to pre-empt a statement with Ill be honest” it usually means that they are NOT. You need to hire NEW WRITERS, Grandpa Joe!!!!!!. We all know that you democrats will try anything! And as far as you being honest, I’d believe my dog if he started talking before you.. I haven’t missed a vote since I became old enough to I am 73 and it’s always blue. My mail in ballot still hasn’t arrived. FU USPS. I will walk it to the polls or vote at the polls on Nov 3. I have a mask, face shield and gloves. . I’m not an early voter. I will go to polls and dare anyone to give me any grief.. You lost me at “going to be honest” . Don’t debate a super spreader. That is a danger to our country of you get sick Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A1

Joe will get a better bill in the Spring! Turn the Senate Blue too!. And never will! Its all about him, all the time. His ”show” needs to be cancelled.. What a sad human being we have as the US President. People please VOTE. Chose hope over despair, division and lack of integrity. Choose Biden, he will bring this country together. Will listen to everyone with one single focus, The people of this countr… . My family and I in Virginia have already voted for you. I know Trump has no heart. But I’m beginning to wonder if he even has a soul. Praying for you to be safe and become our President: a leader who will care about all of us.. It has NEVER mattered to him!’. He is going to lose so hard! Mailed off my ballot today Joe Biden! November can’t come soon enough!. I believe he knows he’s going to lose the election and I believe he may have left the hospital early in order to transfer what’s left of the stimulus to Russian bank for his own use after losing the election. Either that or he has already spent all the… See More Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

Norway the land of the midnight sun poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A2

Did I say that ????. Joe has fond nothing for 47 years. It wants to raise taxes. He lies so much just to get votes.. Why don’t you people quit talking stupid the man’s not there for the money because he’s worth billions so you people just need to try to come up with another story. Im an Iowan and I’m sorry for all the old white Republicans in my state. Hopefully this election we can do much better. #voteblue. I knew five years ago that he is all about himself and money in his pocket he has use his presidential time time in the White House to his benefit. He does not care about the retired people or the working tax paying people. And him and Mitch McConnell … . I grew up in Iowa and I am appalled at how the attitudes have changed there over the years. Iowans cared for each other, always willing to give a helping hand to someone in need. The hate and vitriol that Trump spews on a daily basis and total disresp… See More

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster A3

47 years you havent lived up to what you promised either.. Well we can see what your handlers are putting up. You had what 47 years to try to help our country. Trump said 47 months what have you done in the last 47 years that actually sticks out. Well we already know about the 94 crime bill that didn’t help ou…
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Tenor. Well 47 years on the government dole is no substitute for owning and running a business. Please stay safe, Joe. Don’t cave to pressure. Do a virtual debate. Protect your health. You are our next President. We need you to stay well.. joe i am a haitiam i live in brazil i want to vote for you but my damage is not an american every day in prayer and god i ask him to make you win the election because you deserve you are a person of courage

Do it Iowa — He has to go — bring in Biden and Harris to get America Back on Track. Hes leaving us with a huge mess so let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!. wasnt it in iowa in the primary season when u were campaigning and everyone was either heckling u or ignoring u in cafes lol..yeahhh it was the no malarkey bus tour!
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Tenor. Biden is the real deal. Trump is a liar. As a neighbor from Illinois my vote is for Biden/Harris. Let’s have peace, respect, and strength in this country again!!!. What is the stock market for people the average working American who does not invest in the stock market because they don’t even make a minimum wage?. I’d like to see more ads like THIS let’s hear what Americans are saying rather than false promises. He’s fulfilled my expectations,. Why would they ever have trusted him?

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