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Just came across the “black is king”,project and I have been playing it back to back since four days now. Thanks Beyonce for this beautiful piece of work.. Thanks so much for sharing my look. MS Tina posted my costume on ig too. I am so thrilled! It’s been an awesome weekend.. They did good in all…but mine was better! I should’ve been posted! I had a whole “BEE” day for Halloween!. BEYONCÉ! I MADE A TATOO FOR YOU! Iam from BRAZIL AND BRAZIL LOVE YOU! My dreams is tô meet you. Merry Christmas pretty woman, I read where you’re going to help people and I think it’s very generous and kind of you thank you so much for what you do who you are a millionaire and you care about others you’re quite a woman with a beautiful family tha… See More. Beyon love my baby boy listening you i. Everyday Batman and Robin 66 hawaiian shirt

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Please help caught between Hurricane Sally is coming my way. We missed Marco poo Layra but is cost us Cash app $leonxshabazz to help me and my family get the hell out the way of Hurricane Sally.. Wow I literally crying cos I’m black too and to see ur fellow brother and sister being ill treated cos of their skin hurts cos what if I’m next. Black lives matter . Surprised these aren’t children you’ve bought. in cameroon everything is wrong the anglophone areas are terrorizing part of the wars today here is the result of this war mom it is with a bruised heart that i write these little words. Y’all looking with Voices of a hummingbird just sweet enough to cut through this year Batman and Robin 66 hawaiian shirt Pause GIF. Beyonce talent is the universe it seem right????? AND THEM MOVES IS TO FAMILIAR THE CLUNG TO THE BEAT TYPE OF FEEL STRONG SOFT AND TALENTED! I SAW IN THE BEGINING YOU GO GIRL UNTIL HER SOLI ALBUM!!!

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