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Louis Vuitton released a limited edition Snoopy Dabbling Hoodie, hot takeaway is it? No. Many internet users have been photographed wearing the £1000 piece and as you can imagine, critics and brands alike have had many mixed reviews.

Some avoid promoting the product because it features a character that has been part of their brand since 1922, while others choose to embrace Louis Vuitton’s new releases with gusto. Others still try to level gossip against PRs who spun this story and other ‘blood-letting’ stories with haughty wit or legal threats proving they are trying too hard to be cutting.

The extra bulky hourglass shape, which some say is too baggy and therefore unflattering given that they are a lifestyle clothing item, has left some fashionistas frustrated despite its glossy

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The Queen of Hearts once said, “Off with his head!” to her true love, yet in recent years, the now infamous phrase has also been seen on a Louis Vuitton dabbling robe.

Signature label slogans have become a luxury feature that requires painstaking levels of consideration in logo and monogram production (read: costly) while consumers are hungry for original ink. The bottom line? Suddenly this snarling skull turned itself into a status symbol.

This combination of British humor and the timeless artistry at hand made the name Snoopy LOUIS VUITTON DABBING HOODIE a beloved nameplate in 2019.

SNOOPY LOUIS VUITTON DABBING HOODIE was very popular during its release in Fall 2017. Inspired from the anti-establishment meme, the lv garment became a hit immediately and sold out instantly once it debuted

As soon as SNOOPY LOUIS VUITTON DABBING HOODIE came out, controversy seemingly came to the fore of creative street imagery/memes. Louis Vuitton has even since declared it as “unwelcome” while celebrities frequently show off wearing or sharing pictures of the item on their Instagram and other social media accounts

The item is loved by many however; with celebrities like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Cardi B having been seen sporting it. A countdown clock showed that we can expect new items

Snoopy is one of her most iconic characters. She has impacted many lives with the personality as well as comfortable design that can easily be worn on a daily basis

We think she is going be in great demand this autumn due to the new Canvas Collection. All her new canvas products are inspired by her own story, which makes them even more comfortable than all of your old favourites from louis vuitton

The Dabbing Snoopy is a snoopy who goes around getting high on marijuana. She wears all black with a vaporizer necklace and joins in for a dab or two whilst dabbing you can catch the smoke right at her nose

Dabbing on the run and appearing totally clean, as if greased against the wind and managed spills and stains with ease, is accomplished by this timeless girl be.

Look out. They’re giving up their egg to possess your highness! Unfortunate female mantis will provide fruitful blood for this blue-ribbon winner as she seeks plunder of booty (life) – while apparently spinning a phenomenal story in her own mind- and maybe she’ll use that spine you have to forcefully introduce radio antenna into your personal retreat through point protection [Catchphrase]!–Snoopy Louis Vuitton Dabbin’ Hoodie

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