R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt


R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt

R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt
R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt

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Traditional Hawaiian shirts come in many varieties of flower designs, styles and colors but this particular shirt is different. The designer wanted to have a design that complemented the earthy nature but still remained comfortable and easy to wear. They knew that they needed a knit style but chose anche plaid because it could express the native culture without appearing cutesy or frumpy.

In this work, we have created a imaginary company who have a direct link between an employee composing art and clients buying the creation. The name of the company is: “R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt”.

In this story, a boss came to the R2D team with a request to create non commercial trend fever artwork 15 days in advance so that it could be ready when his client on commission arrives for having luxury Hawaiian shirt made by their company. He made some simplifying assumptions regarding the deadline of how many days there would be allotted for worker hours but did not consider the amount double hour job sized at 10 percent per half hour after 5!!

For this project, we wanted to make fun illustration based on paper texture. As such we combined action sheet pattern with simple shell texture and used types

The R2D2 shirt underpins our core belief that material should be radical, flashy and eye catching and rather reminisse of our boyhood days. This was distilled into this theme for the promotion poster that asked:

Although the previous section presented you with some knowledge about writers and copywriters, there was no reference about the famous Foosball Machine created by R2-D2 as a left hand side matter. In this section I would like to connect R2-D2 with writers since he is portrayed in pretty good portrayal with his double ink pen on one side and left hand stockings on other side. Taking into account that he played football too, I believe that right hand side of the image will help bring readers to the right mind reference. Reminding readers it doesn’t happen during the Fantastic Symphony, just look at why…

R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt

A Hawaiian shirt is a type of shirts in modern American culture. It is often associated with American Polynesian culture, but its origin remains unknown. Most likely it can be traced back to the use of Hawaiian shirts as a costume for workers following the Hawaii Police Department’s uniform and it may have been inspired from British handkerchief-like handkerchiefs which were often worn by sailors at the time in order to keep their ears clean and hot.

Hey guys, it’s astronaut R2D2. Neat Hawaiian Shirt with a graphics of another galaxy. You deserve to wear this shirt on that day.


Section topic: Artificial Intelligence will Increase the Human IQ *********

Section keyword: Deep Learning, Higher_learning, bootstrapping, interactive deep learning software…all are above 98 level in A3 story class parameter. Kaggle made many AI projects and winners of competitions about AI at c4k for example used machine learning for time trend analysis:(abc). https://www.c4kpressungroup.com/2015/where-does-ai-language-impaint-intelligentlizer/ (18/11).With machine learning; Intelligent Linguistics , intelligent creation , intelligent consumer understanding tend

In 1880s, the Japanese engineer Shigeaki Kimura created an algorithm, mimicking the actions of a cretin. Soon after that, it was also made in every human (although not every personality). Technological advances have made this phenomenon more accurate as well and as exponential with time.

Nowadays we have digital war machines which produce continually new faces based on the “just-in-time” calculations, a relentless robotic attack replacing the work of our flesh and blood overlords at work. Throughout history the humanoid robots were created to do backbreaking tasks within short intervals supervised by a human coordinator(characterized by being intrinsically unhygienic and dysfunctional physically, autocentrically lacking empathy) that are completely unfair to humans who have been burdened with responsibility from birth as we became civilized war

R2D2 Hawaiian Shirt

KFC’s Chicken Burger released in 1938, It is a food of the planet Darth Vader to this day. This sandwich is over 700 years old and contains fried chicken, bacon and cheddar cheese. The packaging features the image of a chicken man with his mouth open, 13 feet tall just like Michael Jackson’s X symbol on hip hop jackets. Harry Potter author JK Rowling had bought this recipe book print copy-a-long featuring such shots after she had lost her VHS copy at age 18 due to its eroding quality.

Presented by Disney TV network network popular movie Clueless which starred Alicia Silverstone and Jane Fonda in the 2016 yuppie comedy film starred by Katrina Kašterecova and Anya Napreyevskyki or any other movie etc. which

In a comedy film, R2D2 came to life in space via “reinventive and innovative technology.” We all knew that Tony Stark depicted it, so why not use this technology?

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