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Louis Vuitton is bringing out a special edition for the summer in this heat wave. The supreme louis vuitton shorts are available as a limited edition, designed by rising star and filmmaker Louie Theroux.

The popular fashion house has been embracing modern collaborations ever since it appeared again in the world of menswear with its womenswear designer Louis Vuitton Malletier.

The collaboration celebrates their June 19 tassel date, which was established by Coco Chanel and today joined by Karl Lagerfeld.

in honour of their celebrated special occasion.– A mixture of old and new marks this louis vuiton x malletier collaborative “supreme louis vuitton sandals.”

– Couture is heading to Hawaii with V until August 31 –

In 1932, Louis Vuitton created his first pair of shorts and the gold label marked the first time the initials LV were monogrammed on a bag.

Louis Vuitton�s In 1932, he must have thought that a travel-ready, classic short would be perfect for an adventurous road trip. The origins of athletic shorts can be tracked to Polynesian immigrants to Hawaii during the late 1800s who liked to patrol beaches in-between half-day work meetings wearing novelty garments. These colorful garments were eventually appropriated by street fighters who looked to intimidate their opponents by taunting them while kicking their legs out from under them.

A sentimental piece of clothing with festive occasion written all over it, the Supreme Hawaii Shirt and Short is perfect for lounging around on holidays or chilling out in the summer.

Supreme is a fashion house that has stood at the heart of street culture since 1994. As a Swedish brand, and part of Supreme, they add elements of Sweden’s history in their designs (similar to Swedish design). Their street-wise eye for premium wardrobe essentials throughout their line goes nicely with their extremely robust durability and suppleness.

The classic style is great for all-year-round use: no double will wear more seasons with style than this item. It’s basically like dressing up on your feet.

The most popular piece of clothing at louis vuitton’s men and womenswear lines, this short is as always been a trend-setter in the fashion world.

Nowadays, Supreme Louis Vuitton Shorts are definitely making a comeback with some very unique menswear designs in style statement print and vibrant colors like cyan and ultramarine green. What on your wish list?

With the sweet Sombreros on the front panel of these shorts, you can wear these shorts just about anywhere around your island escapades. While louis have always known the luxury of their sublime shorts has brought exponential success for them in various marketplaces, as such it should also be equally enjoyable for you.

The lv sneakers are one piece jigsaw puzzle it took a small army to complete. On average, each shoe takes 3000 hours and costs $10 million (2009). That is quite something to look ahead when thinking about how much time you would put into those 300 pieces. These supreme louis vuitton slippers were designed by owners Patti Taylor and Michael Peters using a classic chukka design with interesting side panels, perfect if you’re into creative character variations.

The limited edition Supreme David Beckham collection has left Chelsea fans with a lot to look forward to.

If you are struck by the current drops of the Louis Vuitton Hawaiian shirt and shorts, you’re in for some good news. These additions to the already extensive wardrobe come in both men’s measurements and women’s measurements!

This is a prime summer item and will be hard to resist picking up. The floral print sandalwood shirt is available now while supplies last.










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