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Published in 1957, the iconic louis vuitton’s black and white bomber jacket has withstood the test of time becoming an icon of French design to which both men and women alike still look to today.

The item lasts for decades thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship. Made from ideal materials such as luxurious wool, impeccable French leather, and chic PVC plastics, this item is functional yet luxuriously lightweight. With a full-zip opening on the front, it avoids openings or pockets that might show when you are put under social pressure or circumstances. This item is right at home sporting an open collared shirt over a dress shirt paired with high-waisted jeans, single breasted blazer, or chic evening gown all while guaranteeing that your aesthetic needs are met without fail

This ultimate versatile and quality black and white louis vuitton jacket takes you from work to weekend.

The louis vuitton black and white bomber jackets have taken on more subtle designs in recent times. They look refined, and elegant especially on special occasions as they are usually made of black wool/cashmere with a soft, felted finish. These bold colors fade from the design and offer versatility for many style choices.

You need to mix a pullover, cardigan shirt

Jeroen Smits designer of Louis Vuitton’s collections for Resort and Cruise 2017-18. For this show he developed a bomber jacket work of faux-croc without the silhouettes, trims, and treatments that you’ve come to expect from Louis Vuitton.

Jeroen swapped out luxurious materials like silks satins and cottons, pairing them instead with perforated liquid latex to create this dark black bomber jacket with two colors of an iridescent edge.

The black and white louis vuitton jacket is an iconic model currently seen in countless places. With its use of flattering lines, minimalism, and the color black, this jacket creates a sleek look and an air of luxury.

Due to the color scheme, this bomber jacket would likely appeal to male clients who are primarily looking for style rather than substance. People who run high-end fashion brands would likely choose this jacket as a key item for their outfit.

On top of being adaptable for every event or outfit due to its look, it also has high functionality such as warmth that can be dialed back and water repellant

Combining bold contrasts in black and white patterns, this classic men’s bomber jacket is Louis Vuitton’s first foray towards heirlooms and no expense was spared. Its cascading, meticulous design has achieved a transcendence even though its made out of denims in the most affordable material.

Louis Vuitton is one of many luxury brands which continuously innovates to produce near-perfect designer pieces on hand-me-downs and inexpensive textiles to create coveted designs.

Arguably, the most iconic fashion trend of the past one-hundred years is the monochrome. The label has been adopted by designers and dictated the future of fashion including the popularity of black, gray, brown and even navy.

It was an American designer Don Lucas who pinpointed black and white’s appeal just before World War II. But it was thirty years later when Ralph Lauren introduced his first line of sheepskin abominable snow boots that every common man became a part owner in this fashion craze.

In 1945 Audrey Hepburn donned a straight black leather overcoat to win her role in Sabrina that marked the beginning of her career as style icon de jour for decades to come. In 1979 Diana Dors slicked back her short gray hair for a

Louis Vuitton has been the go-to destination for unique fashion products for fashionistas of all kind. It is no secret that the fashionista writes top notch content. This type of distinct writing has been with them since their inception and makes people pay attention if it appears on LVCF.

According to a Louis Vuitton spokesperson, in 2017 Louis Vuitton Paris created “a new category—#InReaders” as a platform similar to Instagram when they started posting black-and-white photos featuring runway looks from their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The design required editing “on several levels” than other platforms like Facebook and Instagram which increased the workload of this highly desired target audience.

This isn’t exactly news, as hashtags including #blackandwhite have been

With the success of luxury brand LOUIS VUITTON, it becomes a tough competition against its different rivals. To keep up with brand recognition and maintain the value, LOUIS VUITTON entered into an agreement to have their own unique website for high-end fashion. Many public relations agencies then began visiting and updating.

The most significant marketing principle of this particular example is the need for total control over content, image and place communications using digital tools.









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