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You thought you already know the size of the Nike Air Jordan 13 sneakers, but do you? There is a secret that Louis Vuitton sets its shoes in size 13 as opposed to Nike’s regular sizing set at 11.

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By implementing AI in the design process, LOUIS VUITTON manages to maintain high quality standards. It is a difficult task when there are many factors that have to be addressed to update it creativity.

AI designers will also help learn about our preferences as time goes on by providing real-time feedback in redesigning LOUIS VUITTON’s logo and shoe design.

Consumers are buying the new Air Jordan 13 sneaker for two days. However, the surprise that some consumers received after buying the shoes is something to look out for.

Initial orders of size 13 Louiz VittonAir Jordans were received rather quickly with many women vouching for them. However, a scandal erupted when some retailers revealed that those shoes were actually 12s from last year released by Nike without telling customers…

This might seem like a small revelation but there is a huge social impact if this gets wide publicity. This leads to confusion, anger, and disappointment among people who thought they had purchased Air Jordans as they believed them to be newly unveiled elevens even though they bought them on Nov. 1st during Black Friday sales…It is now up to Louis Vuitton whether it will

With a collaboration of Air Jordan 13 to create a drop with LOUIS VUITTON stitches layer on the inside and metallic gold on the outside, this show’s quite unique in comparison to what’s currently on the market.

Stuart Hughes, via Essence Magazine &

This will appeal to sneaker enthusiasts as well as LV consumers that simply want an exquisite work of art that fits perfectly. Its not often a fashion label drops 13s themselves so early- but when it does, even going in sporty direction like this one, you know it’s irreplaceable—and most often it’s only about shoes.

Over the past couple of years, Nike’s Air Jordan brand has grown stronger and stronger. Fashion brands that want to make a fashion-forward statement adopt their signature sneaker design as their go-to footwear. Most notably, COLE HAAN dropped the ACRONYM for the Air Jordan 13. Some deem the choice by Cole Haan clever, but some argue that it is way too cliche and predictable when we’re talking about being bold.

While these types of sneakers simultaneously have sentimentality in members of a particular generation, some would argue that they are not sustainable. They are also starting to show against people’s budgets due to secondary retail spiralling prices—reaching upwards in price because they are so popular among mainstream consumer giants such as Louis Vuitton, Nike and Puma.









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