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Louis Vuitton has come back with their lavish combination of white and gray fillibelle fiber-elements and a plethora of tartan traditional design elements as well as nappa leather trimmings. Its inspiration has its roots in Scottish shawls, 19th century ermine collars, wolfskin coats and farmworkers wearing stonewool shoes.

It is synonymous with luxury, defying the rules of time and affectionately becoming its treasure when the company embraces what is here today without rancor or rivalry. Beyond the memorable sense of taste, it evolves in all part of life to encapsulate it authentically so that each love affair can have a singular imprint.

Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion brand founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. The company also produces trunks, handbags, shoes and other items.

Louis Vuitton has used their luxurious items well in order to turn a profit for themselves. Recently, the company designed a fleece for those who love louis vuitton products but wanted to stay comfortably warm and cozy no matter how cold the weather might be.

LOUIS VUITTON LOUNGE BLANKET can serve as a comfort in any setting or event, whether at home or while traveling. Designed with luxury-quality details, it is available in numerous colors including navy, grey and tan.

The light grey color of the blanket makes it easily accessible for those who are planning to travel for the colder season and need warmth. Overall, the LOUIS VUITTON LOUNGE BLANKET will be an excellent addition to your lounging and/or sleeping experience that is both elegant but still warm and comfortable.

The plush fleece blanket thrown over Louis Vuitton’s leather chairs feels equally luxurious. The luxury is so close to hand that its unmistakable graced upon even the most casual selection.

The Louis Vuitton Women’s Peau de Soie Overleather Jacket is undeniably one of the “must-haves” in the fashion world (see below).

More than a great physical comforter, anyone can make them as an inviting piece of decoration to showcase on their living room or décor project.

In these austere times, louis vuitton provides discretion, style and quality for all intents and purposes.

Another release from Louis Vuitton is this super soft and cozy pullover that’s ideal for snuggling to watch a nature documentary or an episode of Queer Eye while sipping on some hot tea.

You don’t have to be in a city with apartment heating to benefit from the joy that a soft blanket can bring to your day. This finely knitted piece will put you at ease as you embrace the cold winter months in style.

Towels are soft and warm, inviting, comforting and have always stayed a part of countless lives, adding personality to homes everywhere. Culturally diverse places all know that towels are necessities.

Towel Design For Me has been created exclusively by artist Chris Gallagher for world-renowned luxury stylist, Francine Graaff of Starck Society and Gilead Themes as team for a new online company. Providing high quality screenprinted products since 1989 with affinities to Amritsar, Alberta, Kolkata and even the Australian outback

Towel Design For Me was the idea born from Graaff’s personal love of old school British fleeces such as those used by some naval officers in the early 20th century because they were soft and thick against










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