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Luxury, prestige and elegance – these are the three words that one would think of when they see a Louis Vuitton blanket.

Louis Vuitton has teamed up with custom lingerie designers, Vivien of Hollywood, to create luxurious bedding using the label’s signature emblems.

The silk quilt is made from 100% very soft silk and can be custom printed with a photo or logo of your choice.

The silk fabric on the design is also used throughout the whole range including sheets, beaded ball fringe accents as well as cushions.

Watch this video with Fashion expert Kimberly Flemming for more insights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_lyPddGVNO

It is the double size of modern, multifunctional PL. It has a classic Louis Vuitton Tricolore pattern and comfortable surface, which is soft and warm. The blanket will be very good for warming oneself in the winter nights at home.

If you love Louis Vuitton this is hard to beat-designwise and functionally!

Louis Vuitton Luxury Brand Quilt Blanket

Brand: Louis Vuitton

Price: RMB595.00


Exclusive application quilted luxury display card, with three or four levels of plush and cashmere, touching skin breathing to the height of ordinary floor quilts.Shades, Colors available for choice

A luxury brand written in French

The louis vuitton luxury brand quilt blanket with an elastic feature help keep it in place, while moonglow fabric provides a soft feel and makes it breathable.

This is the review of louis vuitton blanket.This is the review of louis vuitton blanket.

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Luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Richemont have added the ultimate in luxury – the quilt blanket – to their collection of leading branded items. Quilt blankets are great at adding both comfort and style to any living space while also supplying a nostalgic nod to traditional sleepwear.

Louis Vuitton Quilted Blanket

A warm, yet elegant item that demonstrates finesse and style, the Louis Vuitton quilt is perfect for any bed or sofa bed. The beautiful construction and bold colours complement any house décor effortlessly. Made with ivory-coloured cotton fabric and filled with soft polyester material, this luxury item can be used to create a both contemporary or romantic vibe in your home.”

“The more luxurious louis vuitton quilted blanket is carefully stitched together from

Launched in the autumn/winter of 2018, this luxury gray and blue quilt has a texture that’s as soft as cashmere. Its white polka dots give it a surprising twist against the chic wool fabric.

LOTS (Louis Vuitton Them Outlet Store)

When it comes to fashion as well as furnishings, things are always on-trend at LOTS. You can find items for both your home and wardrobe at unbelievably discounted prices…


All of our blanket selections from traditional quilts to luxurious embroidered bed throws ensure you stay cozy all winter long…

This is an introductory paragraph that provides examples of products from one store. The store sells multiple things including cashmere louis vuitton blankets and accessories by ivy vaillant

Louis Vuitton is a French company that deals in luxury goods and fashion. They were founded by its namesake in 1854, right next door to the world-famous opera Garnier, which is regarded as one of the most impressive buildings of Parisian Second Empire. The company has become a new symbol of prosperity at that time.

While Louis Vuitton’s somewhat gritty beginnings seem distant at this point, it is an integral part of their current mission statement: “We make things as perfect as possible, so you can make life even more passionate.”

The idea for making textiles came about when Louis Vuitton considered his wife’s collection of shawls and handkerchiefs and decided he had the skill to weaves these symmetrical bits into a cohesive fabric to

LOUIS VUITTON LUXURY BRAND QUILT BLANKET prides itself on building long-lasting relationships with the world’s most discerning luxury customers. Our Brand Story Collection includes touching, wonderfully crafted items that make any experience more memorable. Charmingly composed, they convey a sense of care and elegance all at once.




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