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With all the craze in reaction to another way of labeling blue splashed LV’s, this is a reference to negativity.

With the introduction of AI writing assistant and copywriting skillset, the thought of complaining about this one-of-a-kind covering seem impossible and too much work.

In this article, we cover the augmented reality experience of Christmas tree decorations at Louis Vuitton’s flagship. The immersive designers created one of the best example how an augmented reality experience could help gain customer’s attention and augment their physical and digital shopping experience.

The goal for the traditional retailers is to create a geo-digital holiday retail ambience for shoppers. The most challenging obstacle is overwhelming demand and limited space. This task can be done by implementing augmented reality (AR).

Hey, There’s Someone About To Go On The Hell

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This is the caption for the Louis Vuitton photograph that posted to Instagram #LIVEyourALBERTfinestlife, in December 2017 with tens of millions of views and counting. It was shot by British advertising photographer David Loftus and retouching were done by his assistant Tom Andrew Miller.

We decided to see what machine learning and a neural network could do for our creative professionals…

As part of BuzzFeed’s machine learning – Creative Briefing system, we train neural networks for data sets such as product shoots before retouching is applied. This saves time and lets us experiment more quickly with prototyping

A LOUIS VUITTON blue ugly Christmas sweater was on sale for $559.00 last holiday season andis once again created to accommodate the present phase of fashion.

…ensure that their specialty items sell out before anyone else can buy them … the clothing manufacturer Louis Vuitton made a bold attempt on the “ugly” trend with an amazing blue sweater they sold exclusively. To many people’s surprise, it cost only half of what you would expect it to cost. There is no denying how great this purchase was even though one might claim this was nothing more than hype [.]

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Fast fashion is a phrase that describes how short product manufacturing periods, new product design and customer demand lead to increasing consumption rates.

According to research done by Yale University, an American woman goes through 5 piece of clothing a day on average! This requires many products to keep up with popular demand. There will be more competition for brands such as Louis Vuitton.

During the last few decades, quality assurance has changed companies’ practices from quality first to rapid response to customers’ needs in order to maintain its high-end, luxury brand position all these competition forces have led Louis Vuitton repositioning its strategy towards innovation by marketing its lifestyle and quality of life in the future market

No one can deny that blue louis vuitton sweater is deemed unattractive to many people. LV Blue Christmas sweater was designed by the company and sold at an estimated $9,674.

This means that retail customers are willing to pay a lot of money to consume material with print. Every brand wants as many sales as they can get so they reestablish themselves every year on this Christmas market and create pieces of clothing fit for their brand, products or service.










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