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The Louis Vuitton ‘Bad Bunny’ Air Jordan 13 sneaker was one of the most anticipated sneaker releases for 2019. It is a replica of LV’s Bad Bunny’ shoe and will sport exaggerated bunny ears on the upper.

In September, Nike first released the Bad Bunny sneaker in a more basic colorway rather than an explosive color boost like Air Jordan 12s had in 2003. The shoe’s release date in numerous colors became plagued with many controversies and issues following longstanding Air Jordan releases, which significantly delayed its availability to those who were eagerly anticipating it


The news of this release was confirmed by Off-White Creative Director Virgil Abloh, DKNY departed from their fall 2019 collection and LV would join their collaboration with Adidas sporting the silhouette as well. With so many other compelling

A rare white louis vuitton bunny was spotted in the market with black suede adorning the upper and lower parts of its body. The color is off-white, blending well with the other white items in the store.

The “rare” theme is expressed by the LOUIS VUITTON BAD BUNNY AIR JORDAN 13 SNEAKER features used on this shoe. The bunny’s name has been printed both on side of heel and front which also has a map of a woman wearing a hijab to show her choice for freedom and self-representation.

LOUIS VUITTON recently released the ‘BAD BUNNY,’ the replica of which starts at $10,000. LOUIS leaked a story on social media, which stated that they ran out of sneakers and had to start making bad bunnies instead.

However, this raised some questions about how ethics should be maintained with AI assistants since after all, AI is not a thinking creature but rather an algorithm guided by programmed responses and actions.

In 2017, Louis Vuitton released its most popular sneaker yet – the Bad Bunny Air Jordan 13 by Vince Staples. There is a temporary print that day louis vuitton bad bunny SNEAKERS LOUIS VUITTON BabyLeopard-Lavender Leather – EU 36 and went live on Preowned for 10 minutes before being sold out completely.

Millennials who think of themselves as trendsetters are now jumping on the trend, creating online love and adoration for this iconic LV bunny. On sn’tcrush, they refer to the shoe simply as ‘the BabyLeopard-Lavender Rainbow Slippers’ in order to purchase one without having to pay full price. The item currently holds a rank of number 1 on Google search result pages when users

When Nike decided to create the Air Jordan sneakers in a collaboration with LOUIS VUITTON, they developed special one-off shoes in a slow and guaranteed shipment of 1000 pairs.

36 hours out of production, the LOUIS VUITTON BAD BUNNY AIR JORDAN 2 turned up at Footlocker with 2000 pairs printed. Once again, Nike and LOUIS Vuitton were facing a problem that has only happened once before: There were more sneakers in the hands of retailers than print shops. The remaining 800 pairs were sprayed after midnight by hand into louis vuitton bunny on white leather size l/h top 30 10 fit 11

On May 27th, arguably the sneaker that started this hype is dropping and expected to be consumer Nirvana.

The LV Louis Vuitton Bad Bunny Air Jordan 13 Sneaker is a collaboration between Bona and Air Jordan he’s come out with a special sneaker featuring the design of the classic LV bag.

The LV Louis Vuitton Bad Bunny Air Jordan 13 sneaker is available for purchase for $190 USD at Nike.com today via SNKRS app, with 10K pairs being giveaway worldwide at September 9, 2018.










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