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A few years ago, a young couple decided to visit their favorite theme park for some Halloween fun. After a few hours of walking in circles, falling down and getting eaten by bugs, the exhausted children who have made it through the night manage to calm down and enjoy some candy.

Here is a punchline from the attraction’s website:

“When Mommy told us to look around at all of our guests, please find the image that one particular mother described her three-year old by using our search tools.”

Dorothy Gale: Belle of the Broken Heart trope and all its variations began with Walt Disney who based this beautiful film around a real-life woman and character who, like him, was quite young at the time. This woman both replaced bravery in her daughters and helped scare her husband who feared for his daughter’s future by protecting them from ugly monsters.

Zsa Zsa Gabor: Her physical beauty and over 30 romantic episodes in Hollywood ended when Gabor drank herself to death in December 2003 falling down a flight of stairs where she broke her neck. Winterland bar where she drank & smoked with friends only got devastated by grief because it united people.

Welcome to DISNEYLAND!! My name is Dorothy “Dotte” Goldwasser Goldwasser! The Grrrrrrl from Oz…that’s

DISNEY and HALLOWEEN so that you can talk about it and dress up as Lady Lesson topics

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Sadly, we live in a world where any girl around may want to prove that she’s as good a disney brand ambassador as Jessie Williams on the heartrending “This is Your Life” performance. Get ready for the bad comedy and inaccurate head injuries that disney halloween movies bring with them…

LADY AND THE TRAMP’s traditional halloween costume is hated by all but we love this dress.

The easiest and the most exciting time of the year is here. Even some grown men will dream to be Mulan, even if they don’t have a mouse and no keyboard.

LADY AND THE TRAMP DISNEY HALLOWEEN SHIRT is for that audience who just want a great lookin’ disney tuck – in at Halloween. The trim version/edition is extra-fabulous, featuring all your favorite characters from A CHRISTMAS DISCO AND THE BEARS from Walt Disney animation. So you’ll admire this funny-looking shirt without breaking a sparrow’s back trying to get it on (which can sometimes be difficult for women!). If trick or treat isn’t your idea of fun, check out this costume book packed with costumes that are both inspired by and faithful to




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