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King Cobra Jersey
King Cobra Jersey


No other date coincides with scary hockey masks quite like Friday the 13th.

That’s thanks to the well-known horror movie franchise “Friday the 13th” which put out its first movie in 1980 and featured a hockey mask-wearing killer named Jason Voorhees for most of the series.

So, in recognition of the scary date, here are 13 of the scariest goalie masks ever worn on the ice.

Before we get started, special recognition to Philadelphia Flyers prospect Alex Lyon who plays for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms of the American Hockey League and debuted a mask featuring Pennywise the Clown from “It,” the Steven King classic that was rebooted this year.

Gerry Cheevers, Boston Bruins: Picture the original Jason Voorhees mask, but with stitches drawn on it everywhere. While it may have been the norm back in 1971, looking back at it this mask has some ahead of its time creepiness.

Gary Simmons, California Golden Seals: In 1975, Simmons wore an all-black mask with a giant cobra coiled and about to strike painted on the front from the mouth to the forehead. It is precisely as scary as it sounds.

Gilles Gratton, New York Rangers: This was the first mask to not actually look like a mask, but rather like a roaring tiger’s head. Gratton, who played 41 games in the mask in 1977, was said to have even growled at opponents.

Gary Bromley, Vancouver Canucks: He basically wore a skull on his head in 1981. And on top of the minimalist Vancouver uniforms, which were mostly black with two stripes, the giant skull mask looked that much more intimidating.

Brian Hayward, San Jose Sharks: For most of 1991, it looked like a shark was eating Hayward’s head. That’s as scary as it gets. Bonus points to Thomas Greiss, who had a similar design while playing for the Sharks in 2011.

Corey Hirsch, Vancouver Canucks: The “Bates Motel” from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic horror movie “Psycho” adorned Hirsch’s mask starting in 1995. The black motel and creepy orange and yellow sky also perfectly matched the Canucks sweaters. Years later, the mask would end up in the Hockey Hall of Fame and Hirsch would pen an incredible essay on his battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Mike Dunham, New Jersey Devils: You could almost hear Dunham’s mask screaming “We’re the Devils! We’re the Devils!” at unsuspecting skaters during the 1998 season.

Fred Brathwaite, St. Louis Blues: If you are trying to give your opponents nightmares while you are between the pipes, who better for the job than Freddy Krueger of “Nightmare on Elm Street” fame.

Curtis Joseph, Toronto Maple Leafs: When your name is Curtis Joseph, the nickname “Cujo,” the satanic dog out of Steven King’s novel, is a natural one and the decision about what to put on your goalie mask is a no-brainer. He even wore it at the 2017 Rogers NHL Centennial Classic Alumni Game. And you know what? It’s still scary.

Ken Wregget, Pittsburgh Penguins: There’s nothing scary about the tuxedo-wearing flightless birds, right? Maybe not. But The Penguin from “Batman Returns” played by Danny DeVito was equal parts scary and gross.

Curtis McElhinney, Calgary Flames: An undead zombie skeleton cowboy and so, so many fiery skulls. What more needs to be said?

Tuukka Rask, Boston Bruins: The red eyes, the sharp claws and what about the fangs? Even Ilya Bryzgalov would have to agree that this bear is to be feared in or out of the forest.

Thomas Greiss, Phoenix Coyotes: Back in 2013, Greiss displayed the scariest mask he’s had, and that’s really saying something. Not only did he have the shark mask in San Jose, but he also had some kind of demon/monkey/sasquatch type thing with horrifying teeth. Whatever it was, it was scary, and when he moved to the Coyotes, the updated red coloring to match the uniforms didn’t make it any easier to look at.


King Cobra Jersey
King Cobra Jersey

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