KANSAS CITY CHIEFS HAWAIAN SHIRT It’s equipped with polar fleece on the inside and the outside of the shirt, making it perfect for outdoor use.

The KANSAS CITY CHIEFS HAWAIIAN SHIRT comes in three option – pink ruffle, gray stripe, red and green plaid.

One of their more recent icons is the pride of Kansas City, MLB’s oldest barbecue restaurant

This shop in a storefront at 18th and Vine first opened its doors in 1967.

Chiefs Hawaiian Shirt has been creating apparel since 2005. They are committed to representing all active MLB teams proudly by supplying apparel for every facet of the sporting life-the shirt you wear for Birthdays, First pitches at Major League ballparks, Eased Awkward Family Dinners or ringing your friends bell as that great athlete finally wins that elusive one ring.

Our Inspiration Examples:


The design feature of the Chief’s Hawaiian shirt is to show the team’s signature colors, black and gold.

The initials K.C., which are on a black background, follow the design on the wearer’s left chest area.

The slogan “WE ARE CHIEFS” is prominently displayed beneath a quarterback wearing white on top of a red football. Along with that, there is also “GO CHIEFS” written in large red letters beneath it above two penant markets which stand independently from each other sporting the team’s logo.

For this project, I will examine the IT writing process for one of my favorite NFL football teams and the top 5 reasons why the Chiefs need to wear a Hawaiian shirt.


1) The Chief’s logo and colors are purple, gold, white and black. These colors represent stillness in contrast to watercolors that depict flowing water.

2) With a white sportscoat on, every color gets hidden except for black on the shoes which we can eliminate by simply wearing a black shirt!

3) The first impression often leaves an everlasting last impression so it is important to consider factors like your attire when entering a place of work or attending an occasion when you really want to leave solely positive impressions.

5) Look at the style of your clothes when considering what message you

The Chiefs Hawaiian Shirt great articles will be a Best Seller and staple wardrobe item

It is 100% Preshrunk cotton, so it will not shrink up during your first winter wash. Wear it all year long and after the new wears off you will have the more traditional Sheik Polo Style Shirt. For an island time look, pair it with shorts or pants, for 16 neck tie style wear it under your dress shirt and add a v-neck long sleeve t-shirt for a night out. Includes button down Down style fold over collar with pearl snap buttons on side of neck; self fabric 3 button covered placket; full length hidden center front zipper with double left breast pocket.

In Case You Hadn’t Heard

In an effort to boost flagging merchandise sales, The Kansas City Chiefs revealed their new Hawaiian themed shirt on Thursday. “It’s part of our daily attire but with the grassy green of hibiscus,” confirms Chiefs spokesperson Dalton Humel. “It just celebrates the Honolulu feel, it’s still a Kansas City team.”

The shirt was designed by a junior designer in the team’s apparel office, but the players really got a say in the design. “I spent two weeks finding the perfect pineapple,” said cornerback Ron Parker. “And I know volleyball season is right around the corner so I incorporated that too.”

Photos courtesy of Midwest Sports Net

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Every NFL fan in America, enjoys the gang fight songs about the Kansas City Chiefs!

I am for one of them. My favorite team lost the game, but I am wearing their hawaiian shirt with big enthusiasm for them. Age doesn’t matter with these articles writing about something. Everybody should have their viewpoint reflected through hawaii shirts of this sport – Chiefs Hawaiian shirt!




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