There are 3 parts to this video series, part 3 coming soon. These videos use animation and frightful sounds to show children the reality of a situation like social exclusion at school.

Watch the following YouTube video for Crocs Halloween Horror Movie:

– Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lh14jcXTps

– Link no longer available

Crocband clogs provide sturdy support and a slightly elevated height for the perfect Halloween effect.

The horrid CROCs are back, but these new models are skin-rippingly scary thanks to the three ways of closure and their bloodthirsty good looks. Add your own bloody touch with special bonus tattoo stickers, to create ultimate horror style that is as alluring, as it is terrifying; perfect for Halloween or any all-occasion extreme fashion statement

Crocs getting scared?

But should not be!

Switch up the routine and dress like a night terror in this animalistic footwear with the crocband clog pump.

Know that by wearing these terrorising Crocs you will get great compliments from other members of this event . They will see them as your attempts to go out dressed according to the dress code while simultaneously as hilarious endeavours.

Designers of Nike® Canvas Adds Gory to Crocs.

Crocs, the American unisex shoe company famous for their clogs and light rubber shoes, have now gone for the full “cute mask menacing evil” vibe. Released today is the Hocus Horrois Limited Edition, a two-piece women’s collection with lots of prints inspired by upcoming Halloween and autumn patterns as well as a mixed materials upper. Some might think it’s in bad taste: croc shoes are notorious for how easily they become slobbery and difficult to clean With their height advantage, these new additions will haunt your feet on the dark streets this coming season while remaining highly comfortable.

The design was handled by NIke® designers who “have one foot in

Countless kids feared walking in the shades of the dark gathering berries by the light of a full moon this Halloween.

While all the other Berry Pickers had sneakers or hiking boots on, their choice of footwear left them ill-equipped to wade into briarberry bushes. The Bribery and Tweaksberry patches had been picked clean days before, with not a remnant left in sight. Happy families are gathering this Winter solstice to nibble Twix and banana berry crisps; what is making these children’s faces so sad? Surely only one thing can make children’s spirits droop: the cost of a magical pair of Crocs® Crossover Footware for each little berry gatherer.

The horror crocs won’t scare away your family traditions for

This new shoe is not for those with a sensitive stomach. Here are eight things to know about these shoes:

· Designers carved the inside of the Vibram soles to be like talons from a deadly bird.

· There are fake plasticized intestines hanging from the back of the shoe that simulate organs coming out of it. It’s perfect for those people into really realistic stuff.

· The quick-dry mink appears so lifelike, it’s said people have reacted to it in fear!

· Disney has not been asked, but there are major copyright trade offs and they could produce them if they want




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