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Halloween isn’t Halloween without killer Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for family Halloween costumes, baby Halloween costumes or even just some easy Halloween face paint, dressing up is a major part of the holiday. But sometimes, the witch’s broom slips out from beneath you and you realize the big day is almost here and you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Do you go for couples Halloween costumes or DIY adult Halloween costumes, or should you test your artistic side with some Halloween makeup ideas? You’ve got options! And you can totally boo-it-yourself with these super simple but super cute and easy Halloween costumes. These last-minute ideas will ensure that your 2022 look is frightfully fun—without being scarily stressful.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Halloween costume

Everyone’s favorite indie sci-fi movie will be everywhere this Halloween because it has so many amazing and easily identifiable Halloween costume ideas for women. Whether your tastes lean more toward IRS agent Deirdre Beaubeidre’s yellow turtleneck or the multiverse-destroying Jobu Tupaki’s hair gems, you can put together an easy Halloween costume with an afternoon of thrifting. Or a googly eye or red circle drawn on your forehead will get the message across too.

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Stranger Things Halloween costume

The fourth season of Stranger Things was another huge hit, and with so many great characters in the show, there are loads of ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. Whether you channel Eleven in a pink dress and nose bleed or don an “Ahoy” hat with your bestie as Steve Harrington or Robin Buckley, we hope your Halloween remains the right way up and Demogorgon-free. While we’re on the subject, these are the origins of the spookiest Halloween monsters.

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Schitt’s Creek Halloween costume

Finding yourself up the creek without a costume? You probably have something in your closet that will make you look like a bona fide member of the Rose family. Each character’s look can be summed up in three words. Don’t believe us? Moira: black, white, wig. David: wild sweater, rings, “ew.” Alexis: hat, boots, sundress. Johnny: suit, eyebrows, eyebrows. (Yes, we said “eyebrows” twice.) If you need help channeling your inner snob, practice asking if your Halloween candy is single-source cacao. Even the Roses would approve of these cheap Halloween decorations.

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BTS Halloween costume

This is definitely a group costume—there are seven members of this iconic Korean boy band. Taking inspiration from the “Dynamite” music video, this costume features a variety of pastel suits (although matchy-matchy pajama sets will do just fine). If you’re really committed, you’ll learn the dance routine too so you can properly honor the hardest-working boys in pop this Halloween. Looking for a costume for the teenager in your life? These spooky and cool teen Halloween costumes should do the trick!

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Shrek Halloween costume

For Shrek, grab the “inside-only” clothes you’ve been wearing since March of 2020 and a pillow to put under your white T-shirt. Princess Fiona is a bit more of a look, but where these outfits really come together is the ogre ears. A couple of headbands combined with green pipe cleaners, glue and lime-green felt cutouts will help these characters from our favorite cartoon movie come to life. Green face paint is optional, but it takes your ogre look to all-star level.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Halloween costume

Macbeth had the three witches, but we prefer the four featured in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. That’s Sabrina and the three Weird Sisters (Prudence, Agatha and Dorcas), to the uninitiated. For this look, you’ll need opaque black tights and matching dresses in jewel tones. Sabrina’s signature platinum hair and black headband set her apart, while the Weird Sisters level up their looks with center parts and braids. Don’t forget the lace collars and spooky stares. These are also amazing plus-size Halloween costumes.









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